This month launched a number of batches of public rental

Mar 30, 2017 fuhunxpj

In order to further solve the city minimum living guarantee for urban families, low-income families, new employment and migrant workers housing problem, this year, the city actively raise public rental housing, intends to start from June monthly batch oriented Society launched public rental. Reporters on June 12th from the city housing security and Housing Authority was informed that in 2015 the city’s public rental housing pilot distribution work is about to start, the first batch of public rental housing pilot allocation of a total of 290 units.

it is reported that this year the first batch of pilot public rental Yaohao allocation will be in the near future, the distribution of the 290 suites source located in Nanchuan Road District No. 139 Ruihua District, Chengzhong District Nanchuan Road No. 135 blue area, Qaidam Road North District No. 135 and No. 151 home and Garden City, East Nanshan District Dong lu. Property sector requirements have been included in the district waiting for the library to apply for the object of the community to apply for the initial registration of the region to facilitate the allocation of work.

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