Xining Railway Station building project plan completed by the end of next year completed more than h

Mar 29, 2017 ixhnnluq

Reporters from the May 3rd

  on the same day, the reporter in China Railway Construction Engineering Group line side station and elevated station construction site to see, the construction workers are of stone, glass curtain wall installation and ready to start the elevated station building steel structure sliding construction and platform stairs structure construction, provide the conditions for the transition station. According to the engineering construction unit minister Gao Fujie introduced the line side of the main station building structure is completed in the beginning of last August, three months after the steel structure of the roof assembly hoisting finished. As of now, the line side station steel structure of the roof and curtain wall keel installation completed, metal roofing has been completed 80% projects. The elevated station at the end of last year, the underground passage engineering structure of elevated station building has completed the main structure. At present, the main building of the elevated beam slab prestressed grouting construction basically completed within the frame is removed. Xining station project is located in the city of Xining Road North, according to the scale of the station line 17, line 4 of the other 1 platforms; basic, intermediate platform 8 planning and construction. The station by the side line station, elevated station building and platform canopy, between the station and the platform through the elevated waiting hall and underground channel connected; in accordance with the order of the transition program will be divided into high-speed elevated station building field and speed field area; the station building height of 42.09 meters, a total construction area of 131276 square meters. At present, the line entered the station side of the glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall decoration stage, elevated station building will use the sliding construction technology of large steel structure for the first time, the ongoing preparatory work began in May 5th, the first fight steel sliding construction; the elevated main building has been completed, the ongoing construction of local improvement, can lay a good foundation for the transition the goal of the June 15, 2013. (author: Yao Bin)

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