Xining municipal government executive meeting accelerate the development of industrial recycling eco

Mar 29, 2017 ddmycvlj

yesterday afternoon, mayor Wang Yubo hosted the eleventh executive meeting of the municipal government. The opinions of the "on the further reform of the household registration system (Draft)", "Xining economic and Technological Development Zone on accelerating Xining industrial circular economy development of the implementation of opinions (Draft)" for consideration, and listened to the work report of the Municipal Construction Committee, municipal economic commission.

since 2010, the provincial government in accordance with the overall reform of the household registration system, provincial requirements, our city carried out reform of the household registration system within the city, in order to further implement the province’s reform work conference, the city of Xining city households changed to the drafting of "opinions on further promoting the reform of the household registration system (Draft)" and the "on the pilot work of the household registration system reform plan", for the user to change the target range, made clear. Not long ago, Wang Yubo on the reform of the household registration system conducted a special investigation.


meeting that reform is of great practical significance, is conducive to accelerating the process of city, is conducive to safeguarding the interests of farmers, is conducive to the expansion of domestic demand, is conducive to the promotion of urban and rural resources flow, improve labor productivity in rural areas, help to narrow the urban and rural areas, the gap between the big three, is to realize urban and rural development, built a well-off society in an all-round way around but the major issue.

Wang Yubo urged all localities and departments in accordance with the principal leaders of the provincial government on the transfer amount increased significantly, a substantial rise in the number of farmers and herdsmen "and" perfect summary, comprehensive practice "in the city’s request, hold" for the benefit of farmers is to treat the farmers requirements, reduce farmers the task of "principle, in accordance with the requirements of the unified municipal government, from the overall situation of the city, with the initiative, positive action. To provide security, orderly; steady progress, implement effective propaganda, pay attention to guide attention.

is the "Xining economic and Technological Development Zone on accelerating the development of circular economy industrial Xining implementation opinions (Draft)", Wang Yubo pointed out that accelerating the development of circular economy industry in Xining, the key is to combine Xining actual development, strengthen the research and development of industrial circular economy development plan, in accordance with the principle of reduction, reuse and resources, seriously study and planning a number of suitable for the development of circular economy in Xining industrial projects, recycling economy project node.

Wang Yubo also put forward specific requirements for the four quarter of urban construction and industrial operation. He pointed out that the urban construction work is not only in large projects, large projects to catch the details, but also in each street, each road, each bridge and other small items reflect the boutique. Stressed the need to accelerate the construction of Lantau Peak expressway, railway station and other key projects, to further broaden the financing channels, attaches great importance to the reconstruction work in Yushu. Based on the current stressed the need to focus on the long term, efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of industrial economic operation, take extraordinary measures, redouble our efforts, with enterprises as the core to carry out the work, to ensure that the annual target task completion. (author: Shi Fei)

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