Xining plant four kinds of purple vegetables

Mar 27, 2017 zkwmegmu

September 24th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, combined with the regional climate characteristics of Xining, the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau from Beijing, Shandong, Gansu, with the introduction of early maturing, bolting resistance purple vegetable varieties 16, by comparative test, Xining city will be planting purple purple broccoli, lettuce, purple cabbage purple, lettuce and other four kinds of purple vegetables.

according to the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau relevant staff, with the progress of science and technology and people’s pursuit of a healthy diet, in recent years, new varieties of vegetables and has the characteristics of novel high anthocyanin content of vegetables which emerge in an endless stream, the purple vegetable has gradually become a hot spot of consumption. Purple vegetables have become the characteristics of vegetable consumption in the future, more and more new varieties of purple vegetables have been developed. In order to increase the Xining purple vegetable varieties, to meet consumer demand for tourism and agriculture in 2012, a variety of purple vegetables, Qinghai gold Xiangfeng agricultural products development Co. Ltd and Xining City vegetables carried out research on the purple vegetable new variety introduction and demonstration of technology development projects. The day before, the project has passed the acceptance and evaluation of the level to reach the domestic advanced.

at present, Xining has planted a total area of 267.2 acres of purple vegetable demonstration area, can provide purple vegetables of 1 million 242 thousand kg, the new output value of 558 thousand and 600 yuan, the new net income of $351 thousand and 900. (author: Wu Yachun)

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