Wang Jianjun in the province to strengthen the base construction to observe stressed confidence goin

Mar 26, 2017 nwrziqha

in May 18th, 21, the province’s strengthening the base construction to observe the comments (Xining, Haidong (Group), Hainan, Haixi and Haibei group) were held in Xining City, West town. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, the provincial Party committee to strengthen the "deputy head of base construction leading group Wang Jianjun attended the meeting and made a speech. He stressed that, through cross examination and field observation, to find out the achievements, experience, and drying out out problems, strengthen confidence, go all out, more and better promote the "three basic" construction work.

Wang Jianjun fully affirmed the two cities and three states in recent years to strengthen the base construction made significant achievements, pointed out that this year is the implementation of the "Three Basics" acceptance of two years to build the "off" goal of the year. In such an important node, a comprehensive cross examination of various departments across the province "construction, and choose some form of field observation, is an important measure to promote the construction of the party". Overall, through the joint efforts of the whole province, "the smooth progress of base construction, the completion of key tasks better, cohesion and combat effectiveness of grassroots organizations most improved, many global pipe, long-term benefit of the foundation work has been strengthened, the basic ability of cadres at all levels to get exercise, the overall showed a good momentum of development, for the cause of the province’s development play an important role in supporting and promoting.

Wang Jianjun stressed that "construction is more extensive length, problems is normal, but we should face the problems, and effectively solve the problem. To pay close attention to the completion of the short board, to see whether the grassroots organizations have been strengthened, whether the basic work has been changed, the basic ability to really get promoted. To focus on the provincial Party committee, "opinions" and "division of labor", focusing on "fine", "quasi", "real", "effect" four words, plan the next step. To strengthen the base construction and is currently doing the key work organically, into, advancing with the times to carry out the central and provincial Party committee of the new requirements, inject new vigor and vitality to the construction of the "three basics".

before the meeting, delegates group to observe the two city, three, strengthening the base construction of the typical practices and successful experiences, we agreed that, through the exchange of visits, strengthen confidence in the longitudinal ratio, found in the transverse gap than in. We have said, according to the requirements of the provincial Party committee continue to grasp it, will be able to create a new situation in the province.


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