Steering group to four in place to carry out the work

Mar 25, 2017 tvsbpdsa

since the second batch of the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the city sent 10 steering group led by the Deputy departmental level cadres, the "four place" supervision and strict checks to promote activities in depth.

strong foundation, the performance of their duties in place. Adhere to the "people first, and first superintendent of self-study Du", focus on learning and self-study combined, the steering group in learning and learning combination, supervision unit and supervision work practice, clear supervision direction. The development of the "supervision work plan", refine the work process, refine the focus of supervision and pre research may arise in a variety of situations, and effectively enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of supervision.

depth grassroots, strict checks in place. In order to carry out supervision and adhere to strict standards and strict discipline and strict measures, the implementation of the program, the supervision unit of educational practice mobilization meeting leadership speech are strictly checked, and was the main active site leadership supervision unit cohesion, according to the unified deployment, stubble, in order to promote "requirements, development activities time schedule, and participated in the whole supervision unit mobilization work plan will be carried out throughout the guide and put forward opinions.

innovative methods, supervision and inspection in place. Adhere to focus on finding and solving problems, the object will be extended to the general Party members and cadres, service objects. According to the needs, randomly selected talk interviews, to ensure the real objective. Part of the conversation can not mention the object, not to mention the phenomenon of the steering group on the spot that the guidance of the responsible situation to reflect the situation. Pay attention to letters and visits have delivered advice and discipline inspection, the Organization Department of the situation, focus on to find and solve the four winds issue, to ensure that the "track", "no astigmatism".

strict requirements, discipline in place. Adhere to high standards and strict requirements, the implementation of strict discipline, in a pragmatic style grasping supervision, in-depth practical, grassroots people, touch the truth, the truth, down to earth, through action, not to participate in the supervision units do not accept banquets, gifts and souvenirs, not to trouble the steering unit. The steering group leader set an example, to overcome the difficulties of supervision units scattered, many times to the steering unit to carry out the work, often looking back on the work, timely detection of problems, to do the right medicine.


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