Young people in the process of entrepreneurship should pay attention to what

Mar 21, 2017 vshjjzdg

has some young entrepreneurs who have asked me to give some advice on entrepreneurship. I find that some of the questions they raise are characteristic of people of that age. Many years ago, once readers came to my book asked similar questions, I write events the essay was now transcribed to everyone, to today’s readers an answer.

see each other that the heart of his unwilling and eager look, aroused my lessons, younger about entrepreneurship sense impulse. I told her, the young man stepped into society one is without taboo. A simple point that is in itself not enough conditions before the empty ideal, in the end, will only mislead yourself, the final result is frustrated, but don’t meet with.

in the objective aspect, good business concept, after the overall market survey and related data collection and analysis, to determine the feasibility and success rate. There are administrative experience and financial knowledge, and so on, are required to achieve a certain degree of maturity, the foundation of entrepreneurship will be stable.

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