Four area to create a bright new North

Mar 21, 2017 khmexore

relying on ecological resources, mining history and culture, improve infrastructure, 2014, North Zone will be in the transformation of urban construction under the relentless effort, the transformation of four key area, optimize the layout of the city space, and strive to create a livable beautiful new district.

it is understood that in recent years, due to the transformation of urban villages in the north of the city is difficult, the high cost of transformation, has become the city of North City Construction and development of the most difficult constraints. 2014, the city will focus on the transformation of the planning area, and gradually carry out a thorough transformation of urban areas.

– Qi City District Reform as a pilot, open up the Chaoyang area of Beichuan River and the core section of the contact, enhance the Chaoyang East, West Road municipal infrastructure level.

relying on the unique advantages of ecological resources and historical and cultural resources and superior geographical conditions, the source of the transformation of the road area into a district level integrated service node, driving the rapid development of the city north of the engine.

– the implementation of the Yangtze River Road (Hebei Huangshui side) east of land development, promote North Park Village village reconstruction, improve the Yangtze River Road, Riverside Road, Qilian Road, the angle of city infrastructure, improve along the Qilian road traffic diversion road layout, Qilian road traffic pressure.

– through the transformation of the West apricot village and the surrounding area, the main city of Xining, connecting the lake district and Baoziwan area, West apricot area build a comprehensive city in tourism and commerce, business office, business, leisure as one of the cultural industry.


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