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Mar 21, 2017 yulqsfbv

is the new progress in the effectiveness of a city to promote the whole region has made new breakthroughs, the East District of a city has become the highlight of a city to tackle attack characteristics evaluation activities, from the beginning of March, Chengdong District publicity department, civilization office, a city office has carried out jointly with the Xining Evening News "a city of Eastern tackle" large-scale promotional activities, including the activities of a city through train "," people view "," Avenue of stars "and other sections, respectively from the district government to promote a strong platform with the media, exposing scars and public supervision comments, the people of all ethnic groups in all walks of life actively strive to become a city star level simultaneously, to create the next everyone involved, self correction, finding out the problems, face the difficulties and courageously, to tackle tough, attack the invincible with vigour and vitality of creating the city to tackle the atmosphere.

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evening of a city window Polish operations carried out by governments at all levels attach great importance, not afraid Jieduan boost a city become a city the crucial work of the new district. March 6th, evening news published "East 180 days", March 11th kicked off unannounced visits to supervise, "evening news published a city of eastern to tackle", in March 15th, and in the evening, "a city of Eastern poverty" published "people view exposes" eye shit "to promote a city". Recently, after the evening a city polished window action starts, and invited the East District once again sent 8 evening news reporter conducted a thorough investigation of the East District Service window. April 18th, the evening news window action into the East after the publication of the Eastern District of unannounced visits found that the issue of a thorough rectification, the eastern side of the city created a window even brighter.

it is reported that the district quickly organized personnel to deal with the problem of exposure, the relevant units to focus on solving outstanding problems. At the same time, the next step to carry out centralized work in the region to carry out unified arrangements for the deployment of the region to promote the smooth progress of the city. Even Japan, east the area of "psoriasis", "Jeeves" issues such as carpet investigation and active rectification, the cable alley advertisingbillboards of linen cleaning, and timely contact with the advertising company based on the updated content of advertising; North Street demolition site garbage timely cleaning, and urge the relevant units to build formal construction around the wall, no garbage dump here to continue. At the same time, on the opposite side of the damaged area of the 71 seats were renovated and replaced; on the North Street, the family of 93, the hospital’s abandoned tin bucket all cleared. Area related to the joint office of the traffic police department, the East Main Street fire exits along the vehicle and the phenomenon of chaos parked rectification, timely clear fire channel. Other problems are being solved.

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according to the work requirements and the existing problems, the requirements of each joint package units, towns do to create city environmental remediation work as a project never completed, unremittingly, the formation of normalization and institutionalization. The leadership of Chengdong district said that compared with other districts in a city in the east there are still some gaps and deficiencies, the future will continue to invite the media supervision of public opinion through the media platform to help find a city in the eastern question;

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