n the next 5 years Xining will be the large scale cultivation of clove flower

Mar 21, 2017 ocypcrog

November 16th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Gardens Bureau, in the next 5 years, Xining city flower – lilac, large-scale planting in Xining City, the city gradually showing the beautiful scene everywhere, bursts of intoxicating fragrance of the lilacs romantic.

lilac auspicious symbol of wealth, is one of the favorite flower people of all ethnic groups in Xining City, 1985 was chosen as the city flower of Xining. At present, the lilacs in Xining city are mainly lilac, lilac and lilac, and the number is up to 10 million, accounting for 70%. In recent years, Xining city garden planted hundreds of thousands of lines of clove in South Road, people road, Bayi Road, Riverside Road, riverside road landscape; with the implementation of Xinning Road, Huang Zhong Lu, Wuyi Road, the car with the car with the car with Ning Road, landscape renovation project, a road is now the public clove front. Xining city in the South Temple also specifically built Lilac Garden, Xining botanical garden also built a special garden Xining 18 cloves, clove varieties to collect them all.

in the next 5 years, Xining city plans every year to invest in the city, all kinds of green space, the city entrance road, on both sides of the river and the south mountain green area planting cloves; in 2010 young tulip fair and the lilac Festival, a large number of lilac add the "element", in Xining next year will be a large number of planting crown in 2 meters above the large clove and crown in 1.2 meters above the clove, while reducing the growing number of tulip bulbs. At the time of sowing, the relevant departments have been the number of tulip bulbs planted from the previous year’s 1 million to reduce the size of the grain of 550 thousand. According to the Municipal Gardens Bureau of the person in charge of relevant departments, add this "Lilac" elements in 2010 young tulip fair and the lilac Festival, not only will greatly enrich the contents of the flower festival, also the wishes of the people, can better reflect the characteristics of Xining.


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