College entrance examination in the province today the end of the 26 or so announced the results of

Mar 21, 2017 khmexore

Today, my college entrance examination of Chinese nation, ethnic Chinese (MHK grade three, including hearing test). In the three day of the examination, the province’s various test sites in an orderly, safe and smooth examination. Currently, the college entrance examination to enter the online answer card scanning, video and the development of grading rules. Around June 26th announced the results of the examination and the admission control scores. Foreign language oral test at Qinghai Normal University on July 2nd -3.

during the college entrance examination this year, across the province to recruit members of the unit in close coordination, publicity, public security, confidentiality, radio management, environmental protection, transportation, sanitation, electricity, industry and commerce departments conscientiously perform their duties, and make concerted efforts to actively carry out the comprehensive management of the security and the surrounding environment, and strive to create a good test environment.

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