26 our city institutions recruitment examination

Mar 21, 2017 spiqldfx

in April 23rd, the City Council for more than 300 people to participate in the Xining City owned institutions recruitment examination examiner, patrol test personnel and test paper escort personnel training. The day before, the written work ready. In April 26th, 21644 candidates will be dispatched to the more than and 700 exam, in our institution recruitment examination. The size of the examination for the calendar year maximum.
the recruitment for the candidates, not the status of geographical restrictions, the total enrollment reached 29 thousand people, complies with the conditions of 21644 people, the province a total of 2609 applicants, a record high, the number of jobs and the number of candidates for the exam so huge workload. In order to ensure the fairness of the examination process, the city and Social Council deployed more than 300 staff, divided into the center of the examiner, deputy examiner, Xunkao staff group, group, keep test papers Escort Group and shielding installation group, refine the clear responsibilities of each staff member.


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