89 players last fierce competition game crossing

Mar 20, 2017 nejtztqx

After June 14th Chinese · Qinghai international crossing the Yellow River ultimate challenge qualifier of intense competition, in June 15th, 89 men and women’s A, B, C, D group in the morning of the final shots start, end, sun Daji and Shao Wenfang in our province cashmere industry group limited company team respectively by 2:23.51 and 2:41.67 scores the men’s D group, C group’s first woman group, won the first prize of Shanxi Lu’an Group swimming team.

"in the ten years crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge, can see some great changes every year, every year there will be a new experience, from the players to the gradual improvement of the infrastructure, the change is very large, and foreign players are more and more, to keep the first is very difficult no, the opponent’s game is not always a wonderful game, but it enhanced the viewing of events and challenges, this is also the tournament has been one of the things that attracted me." Won the men’s group D first name Daji Sun told reporters.  

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