Music a new way to promote the 20 thousand film approach

Music a new way to promote the 20 thousand film approach

          I will approach my local customers how to transfer 1-2 month million yuan (do we recommend to the local data of friends, I can look at the method, whether there can be cited advantages. On your site)
          the station is in local free movie network. Local data. 480G was with 3T about the sources of compressed, because there is no pressure. So, behind me to do these, are relatively smooth..
          as the webmaster, just before the start of a half months, -3 months, mainly engaged in data, not how the development of website traffic, I also belong to a more conservative webmaster, less likely to develop. Only. 4000IP/ is developing now. Five months time. Almost。 More than 10 thousand point IP. Is not too high, although the IP up, but I found that now do SP or click on the ads like this is not money, so I angrily, to remove the ads, make green movie network!
    concomitantly, facing the problem is even greater, and finally there is no way in the admin5. im286 sent a few ads, sell cheap local 500G data, send phpmysql program + pictures + database + year technical service. A customer of 2200..
    the two largest station worthy the exchange forum for the China station, on average every day 3-5 personal contact me!! Make local movies. There are people who contact me, let me help them contact a good point of 100M bandwidth, I halo ah!!! Finally, only two units per single contact machine!
    after fifteen, in our city, I contacted, five Internet cafes, to give them the local data, send phpmysql + program + pictures + database + year technical service + free to send a month data update service, after the monthly update. 100 film costs…. I feel that the Internet bar to do business, to do more local owners to be more than pine, because after all, people’s Internet cafes, but also not bad these thousands of dollars, people are. 300-500 to Taiwan machine… Internet cafes, I have received people.2500 block /, almost all send. Two month data update service… Although tired, but I believe.. Will be better and better!!!
    give you a look at my price list, the local data of friends, if there is an opportunity to develop, a comparison with an Internet cafe or company cooperation projects.. You can borrow jian
    Internet cafes: the movie 500G (no local data sources is equivalent to about 3T compression) + data update (should) + technical support (important) + + database ==>. read more

Ma Yunshuang 11 will start the proposal the establishment of E WTO for small and medium enterprises

38888 yuan, Ma Yun took the first 11 double scan code! Price about forty-five thousand, weighing 68 kg of an entire Nissan bluefin tuna by Ma Yun in the Tmall and the world’s largest fresh meow fresh Association signing the scene display area using a mobile phone Taobao camera scan code. It is reported that the bluefin tuna is within 24 hours from the Japanese fishing cryopreservation chilled, fresh with the product in a low price sale meow.


technology news news October 13th, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma said today at the 2015 Tmall global double 11 Carnival ceremony, double 11 is only a beginning, in the future to make global buyers and sellers are more easily and more freely, buy global sell worldwide, to help the world using the Internet technology to meet the seller consumer demand. He also said that WTO is good for large companies, but should also establish a E-WTO for the benefit of small and medium enterprises. read more

A good domain name like lots of good house registered the domain name is Non

The age of the Internet, the network domain name hot, such as Guangzhou subway, "a central" and other public domain was robbed, drifting profusely and disorderly, unable to agree on which is right. Or: to prevent the system from the domain name registration, restrictions and regulations; or the source of trouble: registered in domain name investment, when prohibited.

since the domain name to register is not illegal, but also in line with international practice, why China recently in the comments? The lawyer thinks, at present the cybersquatting domain investment and questioned the voice, is actually confuse two concepts: first registration and malicious cybersquatting.

read more

Net money common trick

Internet can make money, this is no doubt that there is a process of making money online, is free to invest. Most of the first to do some free click on the station, and then to the free survey, surfing station, a good reputation can naturally make money, if you insist on more than half a year, certainly earn hundreds of dollars per station. But you’d better not do click on the station, is not suitable to do part-time, is too much trouble, you can not earn 3 points a day, 4 yuan of money, a referral only 0 points, mainly this station is the personal webmaster, do you want to do a big company station. Don’t listen to is new registration, to do the old money station; do not rely on propaganda people, to forum shopping; do not blindly registered prior to registration to seriously study the relevant content, look at what is the principle, how to operate a web site to make money; if you don’t do part-time station too much, ten about enough. If you want to earn more and faster, the best investment investment station, station has the support of large enterprises, the registered investment is equal to a station in a large enterprise, you just work on the Internet, but the station didn’t take the time to do the investment, a monthly log on several times on the line, usually to forum hair post, each station has a home investment method, are you free of charge for the use of the domain name is very simple, this kind of station have roughly the following way to make money: read more

Fresh electricity supplier O2O how can do

in the second half of 2009, Shen Zong came to Shanghai from Ningbo opened a fresh supermarket chain, the first more than and 500 square meters, business is good, but only a month later turned off.

, the total is the kitchen Yi Yi era (fresh O2O mode) founder Mr. Shen Junwei (@ kitchen easy era – Shen Junwei). Is he a successful entrepreneur in traditional industries, but now nest in dealing with office every day and a pile of miscellaneous things, I joked that if I were you, early to pack a mountain to live in seclusion". read more

Micro business venture in six directions

Abstract: micro business sellers circle of friends, is another channel for product sales, is a more easily than Taobao make money work.

nowadays, micro business is spread to the development of various fields in the wild, first a bundle, a port fire, followed by Wanda, Suning, the United States can not afford to live alone, began to join the micro business. Recently, and Carolina textile, Ctrip also began a large area of micro business layout. Why so many traditional companies began to embrace the micro business, in this business model has not yet formed, the momentum of this blind expansion really makes people feel terrible. read more

dentification of the legal protection of domain name can be found clearly in preemptive registratio

· case ·

steaming soup shop owner registered "Yellow Crane Tower" similar domain name court finds malicious registration of

2008, Jiangxi steamed soup shop owner registered tobacco companies in Wuhan "Yellow Crane Tower" trademark as a domain name, a court convicted of infringement. "Yellow Crane Tower" tobacco products in Hubei, Wuhan and even the country, have a certain reputation. However, people did not think it is, "www..Cn," www. Yellow Crane Tower trading "Yellow Crane Tower trading. China", "www..Cn," www. Yellow Crane Tower cigarettes "Yellow Crane Tower cigarettes. Chinese" Chinese domain, the human is not related to the tobacco companies, but in Jiangxi Province, a steaming soup shop owner Deng a. read more

Network group bid farewell to thousands of battle mobile O2O into a new selling point

2014 network buy in China ushered in fifth years of development, the annual transaction size is expected to exceed $70 billion mark. And a few years ago, thousands of war, barbaric growth compared to the current group buying industry pattern has been basically formed, the market gradually rational. Mobile buy, O2O is becoming a new selling point".

failure rate as high as 86%

Since 2000,

network group purchase model is introduced into China so far, in the mad chase of capital, group purchase industry has experienced a capital darling, thousands of war, malicious competition, IPO crashed, the capital without food, cuts off station, and a series of integrated shuffle roller coaster experience. read more

December 2007 05 domain name deletion list


proxy domain name registration renewal of 60 years /, 150m million net 620 special offer 120 space agency.
  CN domain name 1 yuan registration, the opportunity not to be missed, more content: /> CN delete more domestic domain name list today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

Online travel ticket war kicked off the destination marketing is

            in just the past 51 small holiday, with Ctrip "global ticket booking platform" new on-line, and launched the "global tickets for 60 days to return 10 million" preferential promotional activities, at the same time, donkey mother travel network and the same way network are announced to start back now none other promotional activities. Online travel tickets since the war began.

let’s take a look at the scene of a small battlefield on ticket wars on micro-blog. The beginning of the May micro-blog micro-blog users @aaiqijs said "I said these days what is now back in the end is not really? Even buy a ticket is also beginning to return, look at Shaolin Temple, Ctrip up to a ticket can be returned to 20! With the same way back to 1 dollars, the mother’s mother did not check this ticket compared to really naked competitiveness! It is strongly recommended to do the Raiders travel, the parity of the fine tradition in the end!" And posted Ctrip, the same way network, and donkey mother travel network search results for a certain contrast. (as shown) read more