Small and medium enterprises to enter the low cost cloud computing into the best choice

Small and medium enterprises to enter the low cost cloud computing into the best choice

in recent years, e-commerce industry rapid development, more and more enterprises pay attention to the electricity supplier in the field; when the online shop in the mall, has been very difficult for many enterprises to launch the rise head and shoulders above others, independent store, want users to their store only buy their goods, rather than pick and choose cheaper options for similar goods.

at present, there are many similar ideas of enterprises, especially in the face of the traditional price of malicious peers or venture companies, more likely to choose independent mall. An obvious question is how small and medium enterprises to enter the field of electricity supplier read more

Blue wheat electricity supplier E board listing ceremony held in Shanghai

April 15th, Zhejiang blue wheat e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd equity trading center held in Shanghai E board listing ceremony, the equity code is 100606. Leaders from the relevant departments of the government sector, the capital sector, the business elite and the risk of a representative of the local businesses on behalf of a total of more than a hundred people witnessed this important moment.

April 15th, blue wheat electricity supplier in Shanghai equity trading center held E board listing ceremony read more

Jingdong mall and Meizu technology reached 800 million yuan purchase agreement

November 19th news, Jingdong mall announced today, with the smart phone maker Meizu technology signed 800 million yuan strategic procurement agreement, including the sale of a new generation of smart phones Meizu Jingdong.

According to reports, the

mall and Meizu technology cooperation, is the second in June 1st this year, Jingdong mall and Meizu technology cooperation in the electricity supplier channels deepen. Jingdong mall will become the future of the largest supply of mobile phone Meizu electricity supplier business. read more

Today 2006 11 29 domain deletion recommendation more today to delete the CN domain name list…… Delete more international domain names today……

58 city introduced Alipay online security transaction


newspaper in Beijing on 8 May, (Hao Jing, Wang Ke) 58 city and Alipay well-known life service platform today announced a strategic cooperation. 58 city introduced Alipay online secured transactions, payment and settlement services to provide more convenient and safer for users.

58 city relevant responsible person said, the user transactions through the service, Alipay will help users keep the user payment, delivery confirmation, Alipay will automatically make payment to the seller. If the users of the goods service dissatisfaction can apply for refunds, the transaction amount will be returned to the user from Alipay. If the seller does not fulfill the promise, the buyer can initiate rights protection rights, 58 city will quickly start rights mechanism to help users deal with disputes in a timely manner. read more

Domain name server hijacking destroying computer information system case first hammer

domestic public security organs cracked the first case of the use of hijacked domain name server destruction of computer information systems case, in September 11th, Wuxi City People’s Court of the District of Jiangsu. The court sentenced Ma Zhisong to four years in prison, Peng Xu three years imprisonment, imprisonment, Ma Zhiqiang two years and six months Liu Xugang two years and six months imprisonment, Tang Songjun was sentenced to two years imprisonment and an accomplice fill Yong was sentenced to one year. read more

The easiest way to buy a domain name from a website

from the domain name to buy site the most simple method, here is the best method we do is the most popular, here is also very detailed, this is new taste. Just joined the novice webmaster look at it!

1, buy domain name.

The easiest way to buy the domain name

, is to spend money to find agents to buy, what are not, as long as the money to each other on the line, if it is ready to do long-term network, the best way is to buy their own online through online banking in million.

after buying the domain name, the other party or the system automatically to you open a domain name management platform account and password, this account and password is also useful, temporarily put. Note: novice to buy the domain name is best to buy a good reputation Taobao merchants also cheap 10 yuan Taobao purchase address: read more

Facebook and Twitter’s social electricity supplier indicates what

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at the beginning of August this year, Facebook tested the network trading platform with complete functions in Australia, which is equivalent to the internal social networking site set up a Taobao. June, another major social platform Twitter also launched a mobile client called collection feature, attracting 41 retailers.

in the other side, led by the Tencent of social power was considered to be the future direction of development of electronic commerce, but after a period of frenzied development, domestic social power was troubled and disoriented. Facebook and Twitter in the practice of social electricity supplier may bring some new inspiration for the domestic social electricity supplier. read more

Lanbiao formally established brand and provide electricity generation operation service

Tencent Francisco September 1st, BlueFocus media group (SZ.300058) recently announced that its own funds acquired part of Beijing North Albert Agel Ecommerce Ltd, Hangzhou Network Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai Kai Ying, Agel Ecommerce Ltd three industry well-known business generation operation company. The establishment of BlueFocus Agel Ecommerce Ltd, to create products, marketing strategies, including electricity generation, operation of the whole channel management service for the brand.

North Albert is e-commerce integration service provider, for the United States P& G group, Inditex group, Thailand Spain apparel group, Intel ZTE, KingPower free network to provide brand positioning, business vision, operational planning, data services, customer service and membership management overall hosting service. read more