Excessive marketing tool will hurt themselves

Excessive marketing tool will hurt themselves

marketing is now a rotten Street vocabulary, whether understand knowledgeable, or just entering the profession novice, everyone has their own set of ideas for marketing put the buddha. So you can see a lot of people talk about the blog marketing, but in marketing, to promote their own really is nothing? I think it is not so simple.

over marketing is actually overdrawn future

over network marketing is like a flood, he went all flooded, and have a good effect on this and not their own brand, the opposite will harm the potential customer interests, think about it, if you think others interfere with his normal life, but will you, then efforts not only made in vain your potential customers disappear, and the harm is not only for existing customers, it will spread to potential customers, when the market began to dislike your brand, means you have no space for development, so please think carefully, now do what network marketing is too much, otherwise harm. Give an inappropriate example, unfamiliar street is on the first stranger dating from home, and this strange friends interpreted by people more about guns, but for this kind of mixed words, Unfamiliar Street official did not come forward to clarify, but let this gimmick continue to exist for a long time, really let this marketing unfamiliar street in the young group, in the competition fiery social circle to gain a foothold, but the product label about guns growing long-term full of uncertainty. read more

Brand marketing how to do You can start on the road the good teachers and helpful friends

brand marketing, is through the marketing to make the customer to the enterprise brand and product cognitive process, is the enterprise in order to obtain and maintain competitive advantage, must build a high quality marketing concept.

in this competitive era, there is no doubt that the majority of domestic commodity market has been in the " oversupply " situation. So as a new entrant to the market, how to open up their own market, improve their brand and make the brand sound?

but if you just follow the rules, failure is inevitable. Many companies and brands, while starting in the same field, have followed the basic logic of business, but the results will be very different development. read more

Do not send the chain can also do a good job website promotion

for webmasters or web site operators, we all want the fastest to promote their own web sites to every corner of the internet. The Internet is the most commonly used methods to promote what is the site SEO optimization, and SEO optimization of the way we use the most?. Guardian remind webmaster friends, in the chain was hit today, you can send the chain?

we know the role of the chain decreased a lot, the chain with the proliferation of advertising and combat, more and more sites do not allow the hair of the chain, this time as a web site operator, how are we going to promote your website? What is today’s not to mind taking the trouble to go to the registration number, send the chain advertisement title; re registration account, then send the chain of advertising, then the read more

Experience marketing millet line Lei Jun thinking to the apple line

introduction: Lei Internet thinking version in the last upgrade, the proposed "focus, extreme, reputation, fast" is the 1 version, at least increase the "experience marketing" and "integrated marketing", and improve the wet marketing support".

one, millet finally ushered in the next line sales

in May 12th, for the first time using the "millet millet home channel self offline mobile phone sales, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Zhengzhou," Rice noodles "Paiqichanglong, this situation is how once again. It turned out to be apple, this is millet. It is said that there are at least a few thousand people lined up in the country, some people early (even the night before) to queue up, as well as rice flour put up tents. read more

How to better promote the website


website construction, promote the growth of enterprises

website construction is the use of a variety of network design technology for enterprises and institutions, companies and individuals in the global Internet (Internet) to establish their own site and publish information. The website is to display its own corporate image, product information, grasp the market dynamics of the new platform, the new world, then we can open up new markets through e-commerce, to obtain significant revenue and profits with a small investment. read more

A site to the successful operation of the 4A principle

a number of factors to be successful in a site (from the point of view of the customer to visit the site).

We can simulate the process of

customer travel website, a customer in the online travel, occasionally through search engines or online advertising, or the other way to find your website

1, Arrived to:

to let customers find you know you, it will be through the network advertising and other forms of advertising to promote, but the publicity is an expensive thing, if not to spend too much money, but also want to have a good effect, that is, seo. So SEO is the front desk technology, is a kind of how to let customers quickly find you a kind of technology. SEO is not cheating, SEO is the basic work of website operation. read more

Three major problems of electronic commerce

today, a netizen wrote to me, asked me to focus on e-commerce professional learning, but also for e-commerce professional advice. I think this problem is of universal significance for still in university to study e-commerce professional Shidishimei, so special to write an article, I talk about the electronic commerce specialized knowledge and suggestions.

the following is the original letter KOKO users:

"I am studying e-commerce, this year to raise the third, but for their own professional or do not understand the focus. Just know that the school curriculum to follow the progress of the study, but the feeling of learning very shallow, and finally do not know anything. In particular, C programming is a headache. Now learn C, Java, data structures, databases, computer networks, these courses related to the professional, learn to feel there are a lot of things do not understand. It’s the kind of thing that only learns to paint. read more

Foxconn electricity supplier to push WeChat shopping guide service said it would say

June 16th news, in the major electricity supplier to get ready for battle war 618, Foxconn’s 3C digital business platform, rich Internet launched a "3C Master" WeChat service in the end, provide professional advice on users to buy digital products.


Master rich networking service

it is understood that the rich networking through their official WeChat services, 3C Master provides online shopping guide service for users, consumers can not install other client, only need to input the questions in its official WeChat services, you can get 3C Master guidance. read more

Channel revolution landing SKYWORTH king direct guide egg started the first gun fighting O2O

In October 25th

, SKYWORTH O2O direct micro platform and smart space project launch site, a super smart egg, a blue caravan, to stop onlookers. "This is a revolution, it’s a battle. For the channel sink Liberation Army arrives in the electricity supplier, try to break out in the street fighting stores economy heavily guarded." SKYWORTH group (Chinese area) direct marketing headquarters director party Yali said ms..

guide "egg" a city street, at

recently, a few pieces of technology a dome landing, instantly attracted many people to come to the onlookers. Large shopping malls in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other multi City, a large number of people in this new egg shaped device before, and into the egg visit team is lined up a long serpentine queue. Mr. Nie excitedly told reporters in Shenzhen: the egg is arranged into the future of smart home space, TV is very mysterious Unicom control other appliances. The inside of the AR game is particularly interesting! "It is reported that this is the SKYWORTH group for the SKYWORTH O2O platform launched direct micro entity museum experience, consumers can work under the guidance of the staff in the egg to the nearby SKYWORTH O2O store, enjoy the new SKYWORTH sales service platform to bring the ultimate experience and strong incentives. read more

Hebei’s first domain name auction abortion yesterday

newspaper news (reporter Li Chunwei, Liu Lipu, Zhang Yan trainee reporter Yuchi Guoli) yesterday, Japan should be in Hebei for the first time domain name auction Juchui auction date, but has no chance to lift: because no one signed up for auction, the auction will eventually announced liupai.

– the domain name auction crisis

domain name auction for the first time in Hebei province by the early a lot of attention, but yesterday, the reporters came to the auction auction site domain name head office, but found it desolate, because there is no registration according to the provisions of the auction, only announced liupai. read more

Business tax Sino US retail electric shock fierce battle

reporter Yang Linhua

intern reporter Yan Wentao Shanghai reported

by the chairman of Suning Zhang Jindong dished out the "business tax theory" has a ripple, not only let Suning and Taobao’s public interest conflict intensified, and a focus on traditional retail and e-commerce retail battle has started.

P is: when the East hemisphere to business tax debate with vigour and vitality, with the proposition of the Western Hemisphere is the climax. The United States as early as March 22nd, the U.S. Senate will be on the Marketplace (The fair Fairness act) to vote on the Act. read more

n the name of the rich network registered in 89 and 64 at the beginning of the domain name of the w

registered in 89 and 64 at the beginning of the domain name owners pay attention! I am yesterday and today, two days in a rich network of www.namerich.cn registered dozens of 89 and 64 at the beginning of the domain name, the show successfully registered in the name of rich background, at that time I did not in the WHIOS query results today don’t say I want to buy the domain name, asked me why I can not find WHOIS, I check, really can not find a day!!! Then in the name of the rich background of a look, a lot of 89 and 64 at the beginning of the domain name has repeatedly registered! Just call a rich thing, they told me that at the beginning of the two segment digital the domain name is not registered, but why are they a rich background show success? It is stunning!!! A rich ah a rich! If you go on like this, who would dare to register the domain name where you are?? here is my domain name registration had repeated screenshots! The registration, only blame batch registration when I was careless, did not look carefully! Such as 89ww.cn, 89cn.cn lot of January 25th registered, the registered name again in January 26th the rich background can actually!! a rich network! We have to be careful!! to him a registered domain name immediately to WHIOS!! read more

Suning com also opened Hongkong sea Amoy mail service


] November 12th news billion state power network, the day before, suning.com also played on the sea Amoy, dual 11 day above the line Suning flagship store in Hongkong, the main digital camera, computer and peripherals, life appliances and a small household electrical appliances and other products.

learned billion state power network, all products Suning flagship store in Hongkong is opened in the territory of Hongkong Suning stores direct mail sales, and provide customer service service, and the price of all products are the final price package parcel tax. read more

Jingdong 10 billion acquisition of shop No 1 WAL MART intends to line resources

each reporter Zhang Si Wang Minjie

early in the morning of June 21st, the Jingdong group released internal letter, announced that it had reached the depth of strategic cooperation with WAL-MART, as part of the agreement, WAL-MART will acquire new Jingdong issued 145 million shares of class a common stock, about 5% of the number of total issued share capital of Jingdong, WAL-MART’s 1 stores including brand, website, APP and all other assets Jingdong incorporated.

According to the current market value of Jingdong read more

China domain name virtual host simplified edition Report 2004

in the 2004 China domain name virtual host research report shows that in 2004 China’s domain name market size of 230 million yuan, an increase of more than in 2003 of 53.3%. Expected in 2005 to 2007, the domain name market will remain at around 40% growth rate, the market size of the domain name in 2007 to reach $630 million.

I. background
II. concept definition
III. method of
1. domain name service report summarizing the basic situation of
1.1. Internet domain name registration management and service system structure diagram of
1.3. the basic situation of international top-level domain names on the Internet Chinese development history
2. Chinese main domain type development of the global domain name market development analysis
2.1.2004 of global international top-level domain market ranking
2.2.2004 global market share of various types of international top-level domain
2.3.2004 global major international top international domain name domain name
3. China penetration and virtual host market
3.1.2004 China international top-level domain CN number and the number of domain names />3.2.2004 Chinese mainly comparing
3.3. Chinese Use channel and DNS server hosting service provider
4.2 analysis uses DNS server hosting service providers and well-known
4.3 analysis users personal site analysis of
appendix legal statement about
4.1 the domain status of income and expected market
3.4. Chinese the virtual host status of income and the market is expected to
3.5.2004 China main domain name and virtual host service provider
4 market share China domain name and virtual host user research part of the research results read more

Dangdang officially settled this week QQ online shopping

Dangdang will be officially settled this week, Tencent’s QQ buy, through the account opening and other means to achieve interoperability platform for QQ users to provide books to buy services.

dangdang.com relevant responsible person said that dangdang.com hit this year "to the platform going out" strategy, respectively for the Lok, Gome, brewmaster network and other vertical electric providers. After the cooperation with the QQ online shopping, Tencent account will be opened and Dangdang account, consumers need only through the QQ account can be purchased Dangdang sold goods. read more

Domain name registration for two years whether the dispute arbitration


        online registration deadline heard two years the domain name can not be filed for arbitration, whether this means that as long as the use of a registered trademark of my domain name for two years to others, I will not get the domain name?

        Reader: Huang Qin

        Huang reader:

        domain name dispute resolution mechanism is a new alternative dispute resolution method which is suitable for Internet domain name dispute dispute, and does not belong to arbitration procedure. read more

Domain name will become one of the main nternet

domain name registration has been the IDC industry is not a topic most from last year, nearly out of control domain name registered to a later lawsuit to emerge in an endless stream this year the worst effects of telephone harassment. Even some operators with junk mail, fax and other harsh means to deceive consumers, some even registered domain name customers to raise the price and so on.

due to the low threshold of domain name proxy, so a large number of companies and individuals are operating in the domain name sales activities. The vast majority of non-standard behavior is the emergence of a number of small agents who. Suggested that consumers in the choice of domain name service providers, we must first understand whether the registered company is a regular company, do not be greedy petty gain, only to see the price is cheap, it is registered. read more

Tencent’s fast and easy network while spoiler electricity supplier comparison system for secret beta

When the

, the total effective to fisherman. The reporter learned yesterday, the Tencent’s B2C website easy fast network exchange system has quietly begun beta. Yi Xun network, said the system is currently operating in the background, but the future is likely to show to the product page, consumers can see the same price of other electronic business platform when shopping. This means that it is likely to become the first open parity system B2C website.

industry believes that Jingdong in the mall, a scouring network for parity data authenticity was announced this plan with, probably no coincidence. It also officially launched yesterday in the easy fast mobile phone client, this is perhaps the Tencent.com acceleration signal and even force electricity providers in the field of the spoiler. read more