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If Data Is King AI Is Queen

Tracking the Evolution of Genesys’ Kate Sheila McGee-Smith June 17, 2019 From concept to platform to generally available intelligent virtual assistant AI is everywhere at Enterprise Connect 2019. Vendors are showcasing their AI-fueled features on the Expo floor and discussing the way forward with AI from the mainstage in panels and keynotes, and enterprise attendees are asking questions about it left and right in efforts to better understand how they can best put advanced intelligence to use in their organizations. Day three of Enterprise Connect brought the AI discussion into sharp focus. The day kicked off with a series of three fireside chats with executives from industry challengers Zoom, RingCentral, and Twilio. Zoom CIO Harry Moseley struck a chord with his comment that AI isn’t about the technology, but rather how we’re leveraging the technology for people. The problem is that with all the hype and misdirection around AI, many enterprises don’t know how to do that — which is one of drivers for vendors to incorporate more intelligence into their communications and collaboration products. So now that you have intelligence being integrated into the tools you use every day, get out there and be smart about how you engage and collaborate and make the best use of your time. Putting aside AI for the moment, speaking of using our time wisely, the Enterprise Connect Expo floor closes at 6:00 p.m. today, so make sure to get all your booth visits in before then so you can head to the Appreciation Party for some fun.Tags:News & ViewsdataCiscoGoogleZoomFive9AI & AutomationAI & Speech TechnologiesContact Center & Customer ExperienceFuture of WorkMeetings Articles You Might Like AIQueen_774.png Voice Communications in Business: Now and into the Future Sergey Poroshin June 18, 2019 In the future, bots will be mainstream and it will be considered a luxury to be able to speak with a human operator. Log in or register to post comments That was the big news from Cisco’s keynote today: It’s bringing what it calls “cognitive collaboration” to the masses inside of Webex, as Cisco Collaboration chief Amy Chang shared on stage this morning. By leveraging context and intelligence, Cisco is working to eliminate tedious tasks and provide insight that keeps people engaged. Via a new People Insights feature, Webex Meetings users can see curated professional profiles about meeting participants. To deliver this contextual information within Webex Meetings, Cisco scours the Web for publicly available information. How to Create a Positive Chatbot Experience Blair Pleasant June 18, 2019 Chatbots can lead to some awful interactions, but proper planning can fix that. 7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Virtual Agent Abed Farhan June 19, 2019 With the right solution, issues such as password resets can be resolved without involving human agents. What’s RPA, Why Should I Care? Diane Halliwell August 07, 2019 While robotic process automation is in its infancy, contact centers are finding its promise for streamlining workflows and reducing costs. Elsewhere on the EC19 mainstage, Google Cloud keynoter Rany Ng, director of product management, emphasized how it has built AI into its G suite products in efforts to help people make the most of their time. She shared how features like Smart Reply and Smart Compose in Gmail shave time off tedious tasks, and a Nudging feature intelligently resurfaces messages for follow-up so users don’t have to worry as much about have action items fall through the cracks. AI can help everyone turn data into insights in its Sheets application so you “don’t even need to know what a pivot table is anymore,” Ng said (and thank goodness for that, because I didn’t even know what it was to begin with!). Google also showcased its real-time closed captioning of conversations that’s fueled by AI, of course. Today also included Enterprise Connect’s first-ever mainstage panel on contact center and customer experience, and you can bet your sweet bippy (as my gramma always says) that AI came up in that panel discussion. The contact center has been a natural landing spot for AI, as enterprises tend to put a lot of weight and investment into differentiating through the customer experience they provide. Rowan Trollope, CEO of cloud contact center provider Five9, hit the nail on the head when he commented that AI is presenting a transformational moment for the whole industry. It’s especially valuable in the contact center because such organizations are the biggest source of data in enterprises, he added, and it’s letting us do things that we thought impossible. The old saying used to be that data is king. Data may be king, but I’d suggest that if we call data the king, then we make AI the queen and together they can rule the enterprise communications and collaboration kingdom — from video collaboration to the contact center and beyond. See All in AI & Automation » read more

Gerry Adams insists IRA volunteers were doing their duty as they saw

first_imgAsked if he thought that his use of the words “laissez faire” were wrong, Adams responded: “Well I am not going to be engaged now in a thesaurus discussion. I’ve made it clear that it was never my intention to cause offence or to hurt the families.”Asked if he thought the IRA doing were their duty when they gunned down Harry Breen whilst, as one witness quoted in the report said, he was holding a white handkerchief, Adams said he was “not going to deal with that”.“The war’s over. I made it clear that these officers were courageous officers doing their duty,” he said.Dismissing questions about truth and honesty as “silliness”, Adams also questioned who had been hurt by his remarks when he was asked if he would withdraw them as they had caused hurt.Micheál Martin“Who was hurt? Micheál Martin?,” he said adding: “We can can go over this and over this and over this. I’ve already said it was not my intention to cause any further hurt to the families.”“I stand over the accuracy of the fact that these officers were at risk, and I draw that from the report. I didn’t make it up. It’s in the report.”Adams was also asked if he thought Sinn Féin’s support would be damaged by the events of recent days. He said he had “great confidence in the Irish people to discern these issues and to make up their own minds.“Irish people are not fickle or stupid,” he said.Responding to Adams’s comments this afternoon, Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin said that the Sinn Féin TD should withdraw them, saying they reflect “very badly” on him.“I just felt that it was a terrible thing to say, a terrible way to put it and I wanted to just reiterate, on the floor of the house, that this was a premeditated murder of two police officers doing their duty,” he said.First published 1.08pm Gerry Adams: ‘Laissez faire’ comments reflect what is recorded by Smithwick TribunalRead: ‘Insulting, offensive, quite outrageous’: Sinn Féin criticised over Smithwick response Updated 2.45pm SINN FÉIN PRESIDENT Gerry Adams has again defended his response to the Smithwick Tribunal report, insisting his comments were “accurate” and based on the report adding that it is “nonsense” to suggest he was blaming two RUC officers for their own deaths at the hands of the IRA.Adams has been heavily criticised in recent days for suggesting that Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan had a “laissez faire” attitude towards their personal safety when they were murdered by the IRA in south Armagh 24 years ago.“Read those parts of the report that deal with that and you’ll see that my remarks were accurate. But in terms of causing hurt, that was never my intention to cause hurt, I don’t need reminders from anyone that there are victims,” Adams said today at Leinster House.He was responding to the death of Nelson Mandela who he described as a “remarkable human being” who was one of his heroes.Adams dismissed as “nonsense” the suggestion that he was blaming the men for their own deaths, saying: “I mean that was never in question that the IRA killed them and it was a brutal killing, but it was in the middle of a war.“I also have commended these officers, these RUC officers Buchanan and Breen as men who were doing their duty as they saw it, in the same way as it is my belief the IRA volunteers were doing their duty as they saw it.”He said the people needed to stop “re-fighting the war”.‘Re-fighting the war’“We keep re-fighting the war and some people fight and re-fight the war at the behest of their editors and some people from the safety of the plinth or the seats in the Oireachtas. The war is over, we should be fighting for peace,” he said.last_img read more