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‘Sister Julia Mensah Was a Great Woman’

first_imgThe rector of the St. Thomas Episcopal Church, the Rev. Canon Dr. James B. Sellee, has described the late sister Julia B. Mensah as a great woman, who served God and loved her fellow human beings.Canon Sellee made the assertion during the funeral service of Sister Julia B. Mensah, held last Saturday at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Camp Johnson Road, Monrovia.Canon Sellee explained that Jesus says to be great is to be a servant, not a master. “Sister Julia Mensah was great because she served her people and her church,” he declared. The canon recalled that Sister Julia sang in the church choir and served in the Usher Guild.  These are services that are strenuous and cannot be paid for, he noted. “The ushers serve at the door to the church, and the way they treat people determines whether or not they will come back to  the church. Sister Julia served faithfully in that area,” he stated.  “I remember, shortly after Christmas day last year, she took US$50.00 and gave it to me and I refused the money. Then she said to me, ‘You want to stop my blessing, Father?’” So I accepted it with gratitude. Yet, he said, “There are some of us who are very stingy even to our children, wives and family members.”Rev. Sellee explained that some people only believe in spending their money or services, including time, with other people and not with their children and family members, describing this as sad in the sight of God. The church, he declared, needs people like Sister Julia Mensah, who had the passion to serve the Lord, her church and people with everything she had.Rev. Sellee warned the congregation to stop engaging in things that would separate them from God. Serving God in His church and among His people was the best way to worship the Lord, he added.In his acknowledgements, Mr. Benoni Urey, cousin of the deceased, said their family had been troubled over the past three years with the deaths of many family members.Mr. Urey described Sister Mensah as an exceptional person who showed the family, her friends and others love and care.She was a real sister, not just a cousin, said Benoni, as he thanked God for sending her to their family, to the St. Thomas Episcopal Church family and to the world. Mr. Urey further expressed appreciation to all family members, friends and sympathizers who attended the funeral; as well as those who visited and comforted  Sister Julia during her illness.She is survived by three children, Reuben Mensah, Jr., Amerley Mensah and Amokor Mensah; brothers and sisters, Mrs. Dorothy Johnson Hopkins, Clemenceau B. Urey, Sr., Mrs. Annabel Urey Tingba, Henry Nea Urey, James Tiada Urey, Mrs. Felicia Urey Gaye; and many other relatives and friends.Following the funeral service, the cortege departed for Careysburg, where interment took place in the Woodson Family Cemetery.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

4 Steps to Visualize Your Career Goals

first_imgThere are times in your career that job search may seem like boot camp, where you follow your sergeant’s orders unquestioningly. You just do what they tell you and trust they will guide you to the right destination.You go along fine for a while, blindly letting others navigate your way from mile marker to mile marker, and from career city to career city. In fact, outsourcing the job of job search may feel calm, as you are head-down, performing the assigned tasks and feeling the glorious momentum propel you in new directions.However, this method of career management can derail you—and your career—if not kept in check. For the most part, you must commandeer your own job search. Strategically enlist people, tools and processes to help arrive at your personally prescribed destination versus following someone else’s orders.Doing so requires confidence in your destination selection as well as a process of career and self-evaluation every year or so to determine what adjustments are needed.Here are four ways to determine, and keep your eye on your career destination prize:1. Be honest with yourself.What is it that you wish for, going forward in your career? Do you seek a specific financial and salary compensation? Or, is there a day-to-day type task; i.e., writing or selling or programming that you want to perform? Perhaps it’s more about title, and your goal is to become a manager or ultimately, a senior executive leading a division, or even a company. Write it down. Create clarity.2. Realize your destination may evolve over the years.Allow for a change of course during this journey. The best way to do this is to think about your career often, and go deep every year or two to reevaluate and adjust your career sails. REALLY think about it – in addition to writing thoughts down, voice them aloud to someone you trust and read articles and books on topics that feed, add muscle to and sharpen your thought. It includes dreaming and expanding your mind, and being inspired. It includes being introspective about how your career dreams mesh with your personal goals.It’s okay to take the time and energy to perform this introspection versus always being immersed in production. Always doing and not thinking about what you are doing may ultimately be counterproductive, taking you in a direction far from your personal goals.3. Work-life balance or blend.While some people merge their careers and personal lives well, others have realized that, for them, there is no such thing. In fact, they are perfectly fine using their career as a means to their real happiness, which they live outside of their office hours. Don’t get entangled in other people’s hype. Just because you read it, doesn’t make it true; just because a passionate friend or more experienced colleague exudes their beliefs with passion, doesn’t mean you should embrace them as your own. In other words, your career is a discovery process and one that YOU own, nobody else. Do not give that power away.4. Don’t let the discovery process be an excuse not to land on, and act upon, goals.While long-term goals create vision for which to aspire, short-term goals create traction. Without long-term goals, you may find yourself hopping from short-term goal to short-term goal with no real gain, so they are extremely important to determine. That said, pick your ‘vision’ and move ahead. You can make adjustments, as mentioned previously. While life indeed may seem short, it still is long enough to make a few tweaks, mistakes and even transformations, along the way.last_img read more