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Undermining of Christian, biblical values under President David Granger

first_imgDear Editor,There continues to be an undermining of Christian and biblical values under the watch of President David Granger, which is a worry because the President regularly says he holds these values dear when he engages the Christian community. Yet, the actions of his coalition have seen no adequate response from him.I am speaking specifically to two issues, corruption and the massive expansion of gambling in Guyana.Almost everywhere you go there are gambling shops being set up. Why isn’t President David Granger addressing this, especially since he presents himself as a good Christian?Almost every day I read the Kaieteur News online and wonder about the corruption in the oil and gas sector. Added to this is the regular reports from the different newspapers about underhand dealings of President David Granger’s Ministers. Why isn’t President David Granger addressing this?Editor, I am not saying that religious beliefs held by a President must take over. But shouldn’t they at least guide a President on the issues of corruption and gambling, which are, I think, black and white issues? Corruption should not be condoned. Gambling should not be so accessible that our young people are affected.The other social ills that seem to be taking a foothold in our society are also a matter of concern.Sincerely,Pastor DarionComacholast_img read more