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Tony Becca: Wanted: a vote for cricket

first_imgJamaica’s cricket is passing through parlous times. The standard of play is poor and it seems to be getting worse and worse despite the presence of a few promising young players. The only thing that can possibly solve the present situation, however, is good management, the kind of leadership at the top which can see what is happening and do something about it. It needs some good people at the top; people who love cricket and who are willing to work for cricket. The election of officers is only a few days away, but instead of trying to find those who know cricket and those who are willing to work for cricket, and hardly anything else, some members of the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) are busy trying to find people who are willing to run on the “slate”. It matters not whether they really love cricket, attend cricket matches, or ever lift a hand to assist cricket If the truth be told, some of these people have nothing but a passing interest in cricket. That is the reason, except for a few places, except for some places like south St. Elizabeth, there are so few people at any cricket match in Jamaica, be it at club matches or regional matches. There is a move afoot by some people in Jamaica’s cricket to influence the voters at this week’s election of officers to again change the president and put in one who has served as the association’s secretary for quite some time. It seems as if Billy Heaven, the man in office, is suffering a backlash from last year when the JCA’s executive had originally decided to oppose Dave Cameron as president of the West Indies Cricket Board before the association overruled them at a special general meeting. On top of that, although he got more than twice the money, some $109 million for cricket, he remained almost invisible as president. It would be good if he was more visible, but then he had a secretary. Even in a country like Jamaica, it is not necessary, not if the other members voted in are doing their work and the president is leading them. After receiving some 80 votes out of 103 last time, some have turned against Heaven, simply because he has put in place measures to enable the association’s business to run properly and for the association to operate much more cost effectively. One term is also not a long time, and Heaven deserves another term to try and do his thing, to change the people’s opinion of how Jamaica’s cricket is run. On top of that, after the quick removal of Paul Campbell and Linden Wright, and after Heaven’s big victory, following the problems re lack of money, re the use of money, re lack of sponsorship, and badly run competitions, and after the quarrels and infighting, it would be foolish to change again so quickly, especially when it is the secretary running against the president and his reasons given why he is running. Jamaica’s cricket needs support and it needs change. It does not need a change in the leadership of the association, however, at least not yet. It needs a strong man in charge, one who will continue to stand up for cricket and nothing else, especially if he is given some good men and women around him, men and women who know cricket and are willing to work for cricket, especially as volunteers. At this stage, the JCA needs volunteers, good volunteers at that. Love cricket There is an active campaign going the rounds to vote out the president and vote in the secretary, and, as usual, this is causing a lot of ill-will among the board members and the association’s members. Those who love Jamaica’s cricket, those who profess to love cricket in general, and those who have a vote must display their “love” for the love of cricket, and their interest in Jamaica’s cricket, by voting for the man who can help cricket in Jamaica. Jamaica’s cricket right now needs a lot of things. Right now, however, it needs money, and it needs money to do many things. The clubs need money to stay alive, and cricket needs money to keep it going. Money is needed for players to travel to practise and to play games, to pay for gears, to pay for preparation of grounds, to pay the water rate and the light bill, to pay umpires, to pay for meals, and to provide prize-money, and attractive prize-money at that. Cricket, therefore, needs a man, and team members, who, among other things, is known across Jamaica, particularly in the business sector. It needs a man of impeccable reputation, a man who has a strong national image, a man who believes in the saying that work has never killed anyone, and a man who can get money for cricket. It does not need man who, if and whenever he calls a potential sponsor or financier, he hears, who is that? Cricket also needs a man as president who does not necessarily know everything about cricket. Cricket, however, especially at this time, needs a man who knows how to get those around him who knows the game and who knows how to lead the resurrection of cricket in this country. Cricket needs a man willing to look at it and one who is big enough to change cricket and to improve it. Cricket needs a general shake-up. Cricket, competitive cricket, needs to be smaller in order to be better. There should be two types of cricket – cricket for fun and competitive cricket Cricket for fun should be available to everybody, but Senior Cup cricket, for example, needs a change. It needs to go from its present 23 teams to maybe eight or 10 teams as proposed for next year. There is no doubt that would make the competition more manageable and easier to run. It would cost less money to organise, to pay for travelling and umpires, to prepare meals, and to buy balls and other things. Most important, it would lead to improvement. One could then, probably, afford to play more cricket, return matches instead of four group matches, with the best players playing with and against the best players regularly. Backlashlast_img read more

When Evolutionary Theory Gets It Wrong

first_imgSometimes “evolution” itself becomes a vestigial organ or junk-DNA word to a news story.  An article on Science Daily, for instance, was titled “Quantum Entanglement in Photosynthesis and Evolution,” but then had nothing further to say about evolution.  Instead, the article marveled at the efficiency of the structures of photosynthesis.  They employ quantum effects in their handling of electrons.  As a result, they “are so efficient at converting light into energy – doing so at 95 percent or more.”  Some of the most primitive microbes on earth, the cyanobacteria, accomplish this trick.  Nothing was said about how the efficient light-harvesting structures could have evolved.  Instead, the conclusion took a biomimetic turn: “this understanding of quantum energy transfer and charge separation pathways may help the design of solar cells that take their inspiration from nature.”There are too many baloney links in here to discuss in detail.  Convergent evolution is not a “process.”  It’s more like a rescue device to save Darwin from the evidence.  “Freedom to evolve” is freedom to go extinct, if one deviates too far from the design inherent in the organism.  Finding complex structures farther back the line than thought does not “shed light” on the evolution of that structure.  And more.    It is sickening to see evolution take the credit for marvel after design marvel.  Evolutionists are masters of spin, turning falsification into hymns to Darwin, packaging contrary evidence with Darwin wrapping paper, taking each dart thrown at them by nature and offering it as a candle to the bearded Buddha.  Evolutionists are blinded by their assumptions, unfeignable in their faith.  The evidence is exactly opposite what their theory would have predicted, yet they cling to it, mesmerized by the shadows projected on the cave of their darkened eyeballs, presuming that the self-generated visions they imagine are “shedding light” on evolution.(Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Evolutionary theory tends to make certain predictions about cells, tissues and organs.  A long history of evolutionary errors, twists, turns and dead ends would lead to a build-up of junk.  Recent examples show instances where nothing could be further from the truth.  Other reports show complexity being pushed farther down the tree of life.Primary cilia not evolutionary relics:  An article at PhysOrg said, “It’s safe to say that cilia, the hairlike appendages jutting out from the smooth surfaces of most mammalian cells, have long been misunderstood – underestimated, even.”  The article goes on to say that many believed they served no purpose, being “regarded as merely an evolutionary relic – the cellular equivalent to the human appendix.”  The discovery that many debilitating or life-threatening diseases can be traced to defects in primary cilia were some of the first clues scientists had been wrong.  They are currently viewed as the antennae of the cell.  “Of late, however, it has become increasingly clear that primary cilia serve as powerful communication hubs,” the article pivoted.  “(After all, they do sort of look like antennae.)”Astrocytes are not evolutionary glue:  The star-shaped cells in the brain called astrocytes were long thought to be mere scaffolding or glue for the more-important neurons.  An article on Science Daily said, “Astrocytes are a subtype of a group of brain cells known as glia (which means ‘glue’ in Greek).  Glial cells are the most abundant cells in the human brain – outnumbering neurons by a factor of ten to one.  Until very recently, glial cells have been thought to be the less exciting sisters of neurones [sic], merely providing them with structural and nutritional support.”  New findings show that they can “taste” the blood flowing through the brain, and increase or decrease the breathing response to regulate carbon dioxide levels in the blood. Stress hormones and immunity: did they evolve?:  An article on immune reactions in PhysOrg noted that even mild ones impose significant energy costs.  An “evolutionary anthropologist” found this out, but did not present a theory for the origin of immune systems, nor for their evolution over time.  Any understanding in evolutionary theory was put into future tense: “Understanding the costs of immunity and the immunomodulatory actions of hormones are central to understanding the role of immunity in human life history evolution.”  Later, the article admitted that evolution has been assumed, not demonstrated: “The metabolic responses to mild, acute infections and injury in humans have been relatively unexplored, despite the fact that much work in evolutionary anthropology relies on the assumption that immune maintenance and activation impose costs.”PhysOrg.  The discovery supposedly “sheds light on how stress hormones evolved.”  Yet the only support for evolution is that the sea lamprey has one stress hormone, and humans have more than 30.  Evolution was assumed in this article, too: “Most jawless animals similar to the lamprey didn’t survive into the modern era, so they’re not available for us to use as we strive to learn more about how human systems developed,” the lead researcher said.  “The sea lamprey, a survivor, gives us a snapshot of what happened as vertebrates evolved into the animals we know today.”  He did not say where the lamprey’s hormone came from, or why, if lampreys evolved into the animals we know today, they still are doing fine in the seas today.  A baloney-detecting reader challenged that assumption in the comments.Junk no mo:  Science Daily printed another study that shows the concept of “junk DNA” is dying or dead.  The headline was, “Redundant Genetic Instructions in ‘Junk DNA’ Support Healthy Development.”  This was another nail in the coffin: “The noncoding region is often surprisingly large; in humans, some 98 percent of the genome merits ‘junk’ status.  But according to David Stern, a Princeton professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, scientists increasingly believe ‘junk DNA’ is crucial for turning the information encoded in genes into useful products.”Pluripotency goes way back:  “Mexican Salamander Helps Uncover Mysteries of Stem Cells and Evolution,” headlined Science Daily.  Yet the only evidence was pluripotency being found farther back in the evolutionary story than thought.  “We’ve produced evidence that pluripotency – the ability of an embryonic stem cell to become absolutely any kind of cell – is actually very ancient in evolutionary terms,” claimed Dr. Andrew Johnson of the UK National Stem Cell Network.  “Even though received wisdom is that it evolved with mammals, our research suggests that it was there all along, just not in many of the species that people use in the lab.  In fact, pluripotent cells probably exist in the embryos of the simple animals from which amphibians evolved.”  Somehow, he believed that the lack of evolution made evolutionary sense: “since mammals evolved directly from reptiles it makes sense that the genetic mechanisms controlling embryo development remain largely unchanged from axolotls to humans.”  Johnson also had to explain the evolutionary loss of this capability in certain lines of frogs.    In a breathtaking display of faith in evolution, Johnson called on convergent evolution, backwards evolution, the power of suggestion, and some new declaration of independence known as the “freedom to evolve” –Dr Johnson said “Within our new theory of evolution pluripotency came first and so germ plasm would have to have evolved independently several times in species within the branches of the tree, for example in frogs and many fish.  This is a process called convergent evolution – where a common advantage leads to several species developing features that make them appear more similar, rather than less.    “What is the advantage of germ plasm such that it would have evolved several times?  We had to resolve the argument that germ plasm wasn’t necessary because pluripotency did the job just fine.  We knew that with germ plasm pluripotency is not necessary, because the embryos contain primordial germ cells anyway.  This explains why the Nanog gene became dispensable, and was lost from the DNA but it doesn’t explain what is the advantage to having germ plasm.”    Dr.  Johnson and his colleagues suggest that the evolution of germ plasm liberates the soma of an organism to evolve more rapidly, simply because the embryo doesn’t need to induce germ cells – they are already there because of germ plasm.  As a result of this, the genetic mechanisms that control the soma are free to evolve, because they are no longer occupied with producing the signals that induce primordial germ cells from pluripotent embryonic cells.last_img read more

2002 National Orders awards

first_imgThe following is a list of the 2002 recipients of South Africa’s National Orders – the highest honour that a country can bestow on its citizens or eminent foreigners.These were the first people to receive South Africa’s newly conceived National Orders, redesigned to reflect the inclusiveness and diversity of a democratic South Africa, its peoples and its place in the African continent – in essence, the spirit of the new South Africa.Former presidents Nelson Mandela and FW De Klerk were among six people awarded the Order of Mapungubwe, which honours South African citizens for excellence and exceptional achievement.The late Swedish prime minister Olaf Palme, and world-famous human rights activist Mahatma Ghandi, were posthumously awarded the Order of the Companions of O.R. Tambo, which is bestowed on foreign dignitaries or heads of state for their solidarity with South African people. Former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda also received Order of the Companions of O.R. Tambo.Constitutional Court Judge Arthur Chaskalson, Sam Motsuenyane and Adelaide Tambo were among those who received the Order of the Baobab, which honours South African citizens for distinguished service.SA’s new National Orders: background2002 recipients: further biographical infoOrder of Mapungubwe 2002PlatinumNelson Rolihlahla Mandela – for his exceptional and unequalled contribution to the liberation struggle, national reconciliation and nation-building in South Africa, and for unwavering commitment to peace and justice in the world.GoldAllan Cormack (posthumous) – for outstanding achievements as a scientist and for co-inventing the cat-scan.FW de Klerk – for his exceptional and unparalleled contribution to peace, national reconciliation and nation-building in South Africa.Basil Schonland (posthumous) – for outstanding achievements as a physicist and as founding president of the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research.BronzePeter Beighton – for outstanding work and lifetime achievement as a scientist and for research into the inherited disorders of the skeleton.Hamilton Naki – for outstanding contribution to medical science.Order of the Baobab 2002GoldArthur Chaskalson – for exceptional service in law, constitutional jurisprudence and human rights.Marinus Daling (posthumous) – for exceptional service in the development of business in South Africa and groundbreaking intitiatives for black empowerment in business.Tamsanqa Kambule – for exceptional contribution to mathematics education, human development and community service.Moses Mabhida (posthumous) – for exceptional contribution to the struggle against apartheid and to the development of the labour movement.Ismail Mahomed (posthumous) – for exceptional service in law, constitutional jurisprudence and human rights.Sam Motsuenyane – for exceptional contribution to the development of black business, and outstanding leadership.Friedel Sellschop (posthumous) – for exceptional contribution to the field of nuclear physics and for detecting the first naturally occurring neutrino.Mark Shope (posthumous) – for exceptional contribution to the struggle against apartheid and the development of the labour movement.Adelaide Tambo – for exceptional commitment to the struggle against apartheid and dedication to community service and nation-building.SilverHamilton Mvumelwano Dandala – for exceptional efforts in peace-making, the renewal of SA society and nation-building.Ian Haggie (posthumous) – for outstanding contribution to education, health, arts and culture and achievement in business.Noria Mabasa – for exceptional achievements in unique forms of fine arts under trying circumstances.Yvonne Muthien – for leadership and exceptional contribution to the development of a new inclusive national identity.Stuart Saunders – for medical research and outstanding contribution to university education.BronzeElizabeth Abrahams – for outstanding contribution to the struggle against apartheid and the labour rights of farm workers.Thelma Henderson – for exceptional contribution to social development.Eva Mokoka – for exceptional contribution to community upliftment in the fields of health and welfare.Clara Basenjeng Masinga – for outstanding contribution to rural development.Adelle Searll (posthumous) – for outstanding achievement in campaigning against drugs and for the establishment of drug-counselling centres.Order of the Companions of O.R. TamboGoldMahatma Karamchand Gandhi (1869 – 1948) – for exceptional contribution to the struggle against apartheid in South Africa and for a just world.Kenneth Kaunda – for exceptional contribution to the struggle against apartheid and for justice in the southern African region.Olaf Palme (1927 – 1986) – for exceptional contribution to the struggle against apartheid and for a just world.Source: SA Government Online Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

10 months agoCardiff boss Warnock reveals Tan behind him for market plans

first_imgCardiff boss Warnock reveals Tan behind him for market plansby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveCardiff City boss Neil Warnock says owner Vincent Tan is determined to support him in the January market.Before victory at Leicester City, Warnock spoke of his transfer plans.He said, “Mehmet (Dalman) and Ken (Choo) are doing all the checks which you’ve got to do. But they’re determined to get me two or three players. I’m talking to Vincent all the time. Every owner would want you to spend nothing and still bring in five players. But he’s been very supportive.”We’ve had inquiries for our players as well. Everyone’s looking for a bargain. We’ve got numerous players that aren’t playing and hopefully they can find clubs because when you’re a player you want to play.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Sunny Leone How a porn star from Sarnia Ont won over Bollywood

first_imgAdvertisement Courtesy of Mongrel MediaFilmmaker Dilip Mehta admits he is still completely baffled by Sunny Leone, the subject of his latest documentary, Mostly Sunny. “I think the film has done her wonderfully because she’s come across as a strong woman, as an independent-thinking woman (and) good for her. “They’re looking at her and saying maybe there is an alternative. Maybe what our parents have told us in life may not necessarily be true for us anymore — that you can make your own choices and possibly even succeed.” Indeed, despite her lascivious start in the adult industry, Leone has truly become an ambassador of female empowerment in India. Today however, Leone has inexplicably become a Bollywood sensation by transitioning to mainstream movies — an unthinkable transformation in a traditional culture that channels an extreme kind of conservative parochialism. “She is spearheading a movement,” said Mehta of Leone’s influence in India. “There must be (others) but none who have her acumen at making money and her history. And her history’s remarkable. “I wanted to do it because it was a vehicle for (female empowerment), plus, it was an introspective vehicle for me to look at India. India today is not the country I grew up in and I felt it’s an interesting time to do such a film and use her as the vehicle.” “Her parents’ generation, they have shunned her because of her choices,” insisted the talented brother of Canadian auteur Deepa Mehta (Midnight’s Children).“It’s a strange choice of words but the younger generation are really tickled pink by Sunny Leone because they find her liberating, they find her fresh and almost label her as a feminist.” Not only does she continue to be feted in Bollywood circles but her success has pushed a pseudo-liberation movement. Perhaps most compelling though is how her story is inspiring the next generation of Indian women. “Here is a former porn star in India, which is steeped in tradition,” offered Mehta about the real-life Bollywood star of Mostly Sunny, opening in most cities Friday. “Even after spending two and a half years doing the film, I just don’t get how India has accepted her with open arms.” Twitter Advertisement On the screen, Leone’s acting ability also quickly won her an admirer in Mehta. Advertisement Courtesy of Mongrel MediaSunny Leone is the subject of documentary Mostly Sunny. “I was floored by her honesty,” he said of her work in the film. “My approach was to distance myself in one sense by being a fly on the wall. Login/Register With: Filmmaker Dilip Mehta may have intimately studied the main character of his latest documentary, but he admits he’s still completely baffled by Sunny Leone. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment The truth is Sunny Leone’s success itself is a bit mysterious. Born in Sarnia, Ont., Sunny shot to fame at just 19 years old when she plunged herself into the porn industry and quickly rose to be crowned 2003’s Penthouse Pet of the Year. “Who are we to cast dispersions and judgment?”By: Steve Gow Facebooklast_img read more

Ohio States DeVier Posey bids adieu to the Shoe

After running through the tunnel of pride for the first time this year, senior wide receiver DeVier Posey was welcomed by dozens of fans crying his name. He then knelt on the field, taking a moment to pray and soak in what was his first and last football game as a senior in Ohio Stadium. “I just thanked (God) for allowing me to be here,” Posey said. “I just kissed the field and I talked to the stadium for a little minute. I said ‘I miss you.’ It’s just a great place to play and I just love this place.” Returning from two five-game suspensions for selling OSU football memorabilia, receiving improper benefits and being overpaid for work he did not do at a summer job, Posey made his season-debut against Penn State Saturday. Talk of his return was ubiquitous leading up to the game, and he was embraced by what was easily the loudest cheer when his name was called during the pregame senior ceremony. Posey said he was excited to get back on the field to do what he was “born to do.” “I feel normal,” Posey said. “I felt like 10 weeks have been the oddest feeling not playing, so it felt pretty normal to be out there and be with the guys, I was just real excited.” Posey showed that his skill did not diminish during his time off the field, as he led the Buckeyes with four receptions for 66 yards total in the game. His first catch of the year came in the first quarter when he received a pass from freshman quarterback Braxton Miller, giving OSU a first down. The 39-yard reception was the Buckeyes’ second-longest pass completion this season. Posey said the catch was “just routine.” “I understand the kind of quarterback Braxton is. The play is never over,” Posey said. “I just tried to find an open space and hopefully he kept his eyes down field and he just caught me.” Posey said he was honored to play with Miller for the first time. “To be honest, I’m honored that I got to be on the field with him, cause I really feel like he’s gonna be a great player,” Posey said. “I feel like he has the right people around him to be a great quarterback.” In the second quarter, Posey continued to make an impact on the game when he caught a pass from Miller for a gain of 18 yards. Posey’s block contributed to Miller’s touchdown run and the Buckeyes’ first score in the game. But the catch of the game arguably could have been Posey’s one-handed snag after a deep pass by Miller, giving OSU a first down at the start of the fourth quarter. Mike Jurek, a fourth-year in accounting, said he thought Posey had a solid comeback. “I think his performance was pretty great,” Jurek said. “That (one-handed catch) was probably the best moment of the game for him.” Despite missing 10 games this year, Posey said he can’t let himself feel missed by team, and he has learned from his actions in the past year. “God doesn’t make mistakes, and that’s what I truly believe,” Posey said. “I feel like this needed to happen for the boys and it needed to happen for me, and I’ve learned a lot from this.” Posey said playing his first game all year was “the best I’ve felt in 2011,” and he is ready to move on from the past. “I really don’t want to do too much of thinking about the past. I really want to move forward and look forward to going up and beating Michigan,” Posey said. Jurek said he thinks having Posey back for the game against Michigan will be beneficial for the team. “Having a proven deep threat, we have a lot of young receivers but to have someone who you can trust to run deep and catch the ball pretty much every time is a great asset to have,” Jurek said. In the post-game press conference, Posey spoke multiple times about how grateful he was for the opportunity to play again. “I thank God for the opportunity that He allowed me to go through these hard times so I can learn things,” Posey said. “I know it’s been hard on Buckeye Nation, with all the suspensions and everything, but you can’t really test God’s will. You just gotta let it be done.” Senior offensive tackle Mike Adams said it was great to have Posey back on the field. “(Posey) was really hype. He was excited. He was ready to play. I think he showed that,” Adams said. “It’s just great to have a guy like that back, you know, just another leader back in the game.” Before and during the game, Posey said he wasn’t concerned with hearing cheers or boos from the crowd. “I’ve already heard enough negative things from you guys and trust me, it’s made me stronger,” Posey said. “And I wasn’t hearing the cheers and I wasn’t hearing the negative things, you know, it’s all the same. To me, it’s just what I love to do and nobody’s going to deter me from that.” While Posey hasn’t played in the last 10 games, he has not been completely absent from the football team. He said he has continued to practice to get better and teach the younger players on the team. “(I) tried to pass all the tricks that I had onto the young guys and try to show them my approach and how I prepare,” Posey said. “And who knows, maybe me coming back was just for those guys, to serve those guys, to show them how to do it.” After receiving his first five-game suspension, Posey had the choice to stay at OSU. “I vowed to come back when we did our apologies because I wanted to be around these guys, and I wanted to be at this place and I wanted to graduate,” Posey said. “And selfishly, I could’ve left and packed my stuff and did whatever, but that’s just not who I am as a person. I feel like you need to go through things to be a man.” Following the issuing of NCAA suspensions Dec. 28, the five Buckeyes suspended — Posey, Adams, former quarterback Terrelle Pryor, running back Daniel “Boom” Herron and defensive lineman Solomon Thomas — issued apologies for their actions. When walking off the field after the game, Posey turned around and took a last look back at the field and stadium. “I just wanted to see the stadium and never forget what it looked like, because this place has molded me into a man,” Posey said. “And it’s just a beautiful place, I’m just honored to say that I’ve been a Buckeye.” read more

Ohio State womens ice hockey to take on New Hampshire

The OSU women’s ice hockey team prepares to take the ice prior to an exhibition game against Western Ontario at the Ohio State Ice Rink Sept. 28. OSU tied 2-2.Credit: Grant Miller / Copy ChiefThe Ohio State women’s hockey team was a model of inconsistency last season.  Coming into its season opener against the University of New Hampshire this weekend, the Buckeyes are hoping to ditch the Jekyll and Hyde show and find consistency in their team.OSU comes off a season where it went 15-17-5, but earned a 9-4-3 record following winter break. The late push gave the Buckeyes a template for success they can build upon this weekend in Columbus.Given its roster makeup, OSU is in a much different position than it was at the start of last year. The Buckeyes graduated five seniors but retained the majority of their veteran skaters.“I think that they’re a together group,” said coach Nate Handrahan. “That’s not to say that last year’s group wasn’t, but it just seems that this group has come together a lot quicker.”OSU returns a large group players from last season, including nine of its top ten point scorers. Their key offensive departure was forward Ally Tarr, who led the Buckeyes with 32 points in 36 games last season.Defensively, OSU’s biggest loss was Annie Svedin, who logged 134 games over four seasons on the blueline. Buckeye senior defensemen Kari and Sara Schmitt might be forced to help pick up the slack, as the pair combined for 51 points last season.While the Buckeyes have retained key veteran skaters, it’s a different story in the goal crease. Redshirt-junior goalie Stacy Danczak is the lone returner in her position, and on Thursday, Handrahan announced freshman Kassidy Sauve would be Friday’s starter.Danczak, Sauve and freshman goalie Alex LaMere each saw a period of action in OSU’s 2-2 exhibition tie against Western Ontario last weekend. Sauve started the game, making seven saves in the first period.“Everyone played well,” Kari Schmitt said. “It was a good start to the season and we’re ready to go.”Sauve won a gold medal with Team Canada at the International Ice Hockey Federation U-18 Women’s World Championship and comes to OSU following a minor-midget career where she became the first woman to play in the Ontario Hockey League cup.“She’s got some patience and she’s pretty agile side to side,” Handrahan said. “She’s trying to let shooters make the first move as opposed to her trying to dictate the play.”Aside from goaltending, the Buckeyes’ minimal roster turnover has put them ahead of schedule in introducing tactics and systems into their play, redshirt-senior defenseman Kara Gust said.“We can already see it on the ice in our practices,” Gust said. “Our systems are already getting there quicker and I think we’ll have a better start to the season this year than we did last year.”Positive fitness tests have also been an indication of the Buckeyes preparedness for the season, Handrahan said.The University of New Hampshire Wildcats welcome seven true freshmen, a new head coach and new assistant coach to their roster this season. Coach Hilary Witt is coming off of a two-year stint as an assistant coach and head scout for the U.S. Women’s National Team.The Wildcats dropped their season-opener, 2-1, on the road against the University of Maine last weekend.The puck is set to drop on Friday at 6:07 p.m. and Saturday at 2:07 p.m. at the OSU Ice Rink. read more

Austin powers visits travel agents

first_imgAustin Powers will be paying a visit to travel agents across Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to hand deliver their invitation to a Gold Coast Product Roadshow.Tourism Queensland and Gold Coast Tourism with the support of Virgin Australia will be oraganising the Roadshow which will be running from 19-22 March in the respective cities.Tourism Queensland Executive Director Destinations Leanne Coddington said Austin powers will be visiting agents over the next couple of days to encourage travel agents to attend the Roadshow.“Austin Powers is a regular quirky act at Village Roadshow Theme Parks’ Movie World on the Gold Coast and will draw southern agents’ attention towards the Gold Coast Product Roadshow Ms Coddington said. Ms Coddington said the purpose of the roadshow is to give local travel agents the chance to “test and refresh” their knowledge on the’ Famous for fun Gold Coast’ and everything it has to offer. “Participating travel agents will have the chance to expand their knowledge of what is new on the Gold Coast and interact and network with 15 Queensland tourism operators who will educate the agents about their tourism products,” she added.“Our aim is to help the agents to better sell the Gold Coast to Aussies looking to book their next holiday.”Ms Coddington said that in the year to September 2011 the Gold Coast had welcomed almost four million international and domestic visitors who spent AUD3.5billion.Travel agents can register for the Gold Coast Product Roadshow by visiting the following websites in their respective cities. Adelaide: www.gcroadshowadelaide.eventbrite.com.au Melbourne: www.gcroadshowmelbourne.eventbrite.com.au Parramatta: www.gcroadshowparramatta.eventbrite.com.au Sydney: www.gcroadshowsydney.eventbrite.com.au Source = e-Travel Blackboard: S.Plast_img read more

Andrew Neil The future of British broadcasting is

first_imgAndrew NeilThe future of British broadcasting is at risk from SVOD “insurgents” like Netflix and Amazon, and from the threat of widespread foreign ownership, according to Andrew Neil.Speaking at the SES Satellite Monitor event in London yesterday, Neil – well-known as a broadcaster, journalist and the founding chairman of Sky TV – warned that British broadcasters in the future will be incapable of competing with global OTT services.Sky, he argued, is the one company well placed to compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon owing to its scale, budget and ability to re-invent itself. However, he claimed that 21st Century Fox’s planned £11.7 billion takeover of the 61% it does not already own of Sky, which Neil expects to be green-lit, will actually limit the company’s autonomy to compete effectively – as decisions about spending and resources will be made “in a board room in New York”.“The culture secretary has referred the matter [Fox’s planned takeover of Sky] to Ofcom on plurality issues and on standards. It’s a half-hearted referral, I’d be very surprised if the regulators stopped this from going ahead,” said Neil.“In the short run that may be no bad thing. Fox has huge resources. It could be quite a symbiotic relationship. But I can tell you, as someone who’s been in business for a long time, being a wholly owned subsidiary of another company is entirely different from being your own PLC, as a limited company in charge of your own destination.”Discussing the BBC, Neil said that director Tony Hall’s pledge to make the iPlayer less of a catch-up service and more of a “must-visit destination” to compete with the likes of Netflix will not fundamentally benefit the public broadcaster.“Making the iPlayer better, making it more of a destination, seems perfectly sensible to me. But it won’t make much of a difference to the BBC’s business model. It won’t give the BBC global scale, which is what the streaming services have.”ITV, he said, had done a wonderful job in the past five to 10 years of “saving itself from precipitous decline”, but added that the commercial broadcaster’s problem now is “where does it go from here?”“It is simply too small to be a global player, but the huge success of ITV Studios, in an age when there is an arms race of content, makes it a very attractive acquisition for the likes of Liberty Global or NBCUniversal,” said Neil.He also claimed that it is difficult to see a future for advertising-supported public broadcaster Channel 4 other than as a small, niche broadcaster, operating in a “world of scale, expense and US$5 million-an-hour dramas.”“When you look at the business models of the BBC, of ITV, of Channel 4, it is quite hard to see how they are responding, and how they can respond to this new challenge… We’ve now got these insurgents with huge budgets, global scale, global reach, and a commitment to quality just as strongly as public service broadcasting in this country – but with more money to do it,” said Neil.“This country will remain an incredible creative hub. People come here to make programmes, we make our own programmes here, there’s going to be plenty of jobs in that. But in terms of owning the broadcasters, in terms of having the broadcasters in the 2020s that are equipped to deal with the challenges and are British, where will they come from? Channel 5 is already American owned, Virgin Media is already American owned, Sky is about to become American owned, ITV probably [will be] American owned before the end of the decade. If that is not a challenge for British broadcasting, I don’t know what is.”last_img read more

Payment Card Startup Plastc Took 127 Million From Investors and Customers and

first_img –shares Senior Reporter Plastc promised its card device could store information from up to 20 other payment cards, saving customers the bother of carrying wallets filled with different cards. Enroll Now for $5 Angry customers who gave smart credit card company Plastc $9 million in pre-orders and then abruptly shut down are hoping to sue the company. Venture capital investors had also sunk a reported $4.3 million into the fintech startup.Plastc promised its card device could store information from up to 20 other payment cards, saving customers the bother of carrying wallets filled with different cards. But the Palo Alto, Calif., company announced yesterday on its site that it was considering bankruptcy, after failing to close two series A funding rounds. It has “let go” all of its employees and shut down its social media channels.Now Plastc’s customers want to file a class action lawsuit against the company, which they describe as “a scam.” Each card cost $155, and in its terms of conditions Plastc stated that pre-orders were “non-refundable.” It hasn’t said whether it will give money back to customers.One angry customer has set up a Facebook page called “Plastc Class Action Lawsuit”, and is encouraging others to join the case. According to one update: “A class action lawsuit is being started against Plastc to ensure anyone who pre-ordered will receive their money back.”A later update advises disappointed backers to keep copies of all their communications with Plastc on file.One commenter wrote: “I don’t care about the $155 but I want this clown to be held accountable even if the lawyers are the [ones] that get paid. It does seem this was a scam for a while since [CEO Ryan Marquis] was always very evasive. There is no way investors would pull out from this days before shipping but I’m sure they saw something we don’t know about that hopefully would come out in the legal proceedings.”There is little trace left of Plastc online, except for furious customers commenting on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.The company shut down its @PlastcInc Twitter handle in the last 24 hours and deleted the PlastcInc Facebook page. CEO Ryan Marquis also deleted his personal Twitter account. All that’s left of Plastc’s website is a notice titled “We Regret to Inform You…” and the company’s full statement, which you can read below.If you search for “@PlastcInc” on Twitter, you’ll see lots of comments like this:@PlastcInc You guys still in business? Support line states: “This number is not in service at this time”.— Rai Navakas (@raiusa01) April 20, 2017@PlastcInc please provide an update via Twitter or Facebook. People are getting concerned due to no communication since Q2 started.— BAPD77 (@BAPD77) April 10, 2017According to Crunchbase and other public records, Plastc’s venture backers invested $4.3 million in the company. Backers included Mitsubishi, Grayhawk Capital, Peninsula Ventures, IncWell and ZenStone Venture Capital. Of these, IncWell and Greyhawk Capital list Plastc among their portfolio companies, while Peninsula Ventures partner Gregory Ennis is listed as a Plastc board member.Here’s the notice from Plastc in full:Important NoticeWe Regret to Inform You…For the past 3 years, our mission here at Plastc was to build and deliver the most technically ambitious smart card on the planet. After making enormous leaps in development, product innovation and progress towards our goal, Plastc has exhausted all of its options to raise the money it needs to continue.Plastc, Inc. is exploring options to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and will cease operations on April 20, 2017.While we have fallen short of our goal, we are proud of our team and the effort that went into developing a working Plastc Card. However, without the necessary capital to continue, all employees have been let go, which means that Customer Care and Social Media channels are unmanned or have been shut down.How We Got Here:We were expecting to close a $3.5 million Series A funding round on February 28, 2017. There are functioning Plastc Cards, which were demonstrated to our investors and our backers, and the capital was to be allocated for the mass production and shipping of Plastc Cards to pre-order customers. At first, the principal investment group postponed their investment and a couple of weeks later the round fell apart.After the initial funding was unavailable, Plastc made progress with another investor who offered $6.75 million. This deal was scheduled to close last week and would propel development across the finish line, as well as allow for Plastc Card pre-orders to be shipped and for production to continue into a retail phase.However, once again at the very last minute, our investor gave us notice that they have decided rescind their investment offer. The round was a signature away from closing and we were extremely caught off guard when they notified us yesterday they were backing out. Our existing investors kept us alive and functioning as long as they could during this fundraising process, but in the end, we needed new outside capital to get into production.What This Means For Backers:It’s been a long road with a lot of obstacles. The support of our amazing backers has been incredible, which makes this announcement even harder. We were so incredibly ready for production in order to hit our deadlines but without capital it is impossible for us to move forward and we will not be able to fulfill any pre-orders.We are disappointed and emotionally distraught, and while we know this is extremely disappointing for you, we want our backers to know that we did everything we could to make Plastc Card a reality.- Plastc Inc. 5 min read Image credit: Plastc via BI Add to Queue Fireside Chat | July 25: Three Surprising Ways to Build Your Brandcenter_img Learn from renowned serial entrepreneur David Meltzer how to find your frequency in order to stand out from your competitors and build a brand that is authentic, lasting and impactful. Next Article Shona Ghosh Tech Startups Payment Card Startup Plastc Took $12.7 Million From Investors and Customers … and Then Just Disappeared April 21, 2017 This story originally appeared on Business Insiderlast_img read more