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5 ways to engage and empower offsite workers with mobile technology

first_imgAlmost everyone has a mobile device for personal use. Many people say they can’t live without them. Researchers say up to 60 percent of the people on the streets are looking down at them.But do they make sense in the business world? If so, how do you ensure that important business tasks are not interrupted by personal smartphone usage, like social media or games? Simple. Engage your users.Here are five ways to ensure employees will use your mobile apps:1. They need to workThe marketplace has trained users to expect great quality from mobile apps. With mobile apps created by Apple and Google, people know they are going to work well as soon as they pick up their devices.However, as explained in the online article KIFSU and the Mobile User Expectations, nearly 80 percent of users delete an app after using it for the first time. So if your mobile applications don’t work well, don’t expect employees to use them.2. Make them look greatWhen using our mobile devices for personal use, we expect a certain quality, look, and feel. That’s why business apps need to look attractive to users. There are millions of mobile apps vying for users’ attention, so your business apps need to be able to keep users engaged. continue reading » 56SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Shafer expects Syracuse’s offensive line to improve its red-zone blocking

first_img Published on September 3, 2014 at 2:51 pm Contact Phil: pmdabbra@syr.edu | @PhilDAbb From within the 10-yard line, Adonis Ameen-Moore had space in front of him. But the big running back was tripped up and fell short of the goal line.It was one of several opportunities Syracuse struck out on near the goal line on Friday, and one that stuck with head coach Scott Shafer during the Atlantic Coast Conference coaches’ teleconference on Wednesday.“If it had been a touchdown, I would be feeling great about things,”Shafer said.Ameen-Moore did score from 2 yards out in the third quarter in Syracuse’s (1-0) 27-26 win over Villanova on Friday, and Prince-Tyson Gulley accounted for another touchdown on a 65-yard dash up the middle in the first. But the Orange’s offensive line didn’t get much push otherwise in the double-overtime victory.With guards Nick Robinson and Omari Palmer unavailable, the makeshift offensive line featured tackle Michael Lasker at right guard, a position that required more movement.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textIn the first overtime, Ameen-Moore was stuffed twice for a loss from inside the 3-yard line and SU had to settle for a field goal when a touchdown would’ve won the game.In the second overtime period, the Orange handed off to the senior tailback three consecutive times from within the 3, and his inability to score left the game in punter Riley Dixon’s hands for a touchdown pass on a fake field goal on fourth down.“Maintaining and sustaining blocks. Playing cleaner through our double teams,” Shafer said when asked what SU has to improve on in the trenches. “(Lasker)’s got some things to work on in those situations and there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll improve in those situations.” Comments Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

Wakenaam hospital is part of the declining public health system

first_imgDear Editor,Every day, another horrifying public health story shocks the people of Guyana. Last week, at least three families were forced to use ice boxes to store the bodies of their deceased relatives in Wakenaam. Even as storage was a problem because of the malfunctioning mortuary refrigerators, deceased bodies could not be removed from the hospital because there was no doctor to sign-off the death certificates. One family complained that their relative died on Friday, but was still there on Sunday because they had to await the arrival of a doctor. Up to Sunday afternoon, there still was no doctor, and when checks were made about noon on Monday, a doctor was still unavailable to sign-off the death and so relatives were forced to continue using the icebox to keep the body from deteriorating.At Wakenaam District Hospital, the problems are many – the malfunctioning mortuary is obscene. But there are other problems. Availability of doctors has become a major concern for citizens in this humble farming community. In a discussion with the Chairman of the NDC on the island, he confirmed there is a major problem with missing doctors, with availability becoming periodic rather than sustained. This important district hospital, more often now, has no doctors. The Ministry of Public Health has completely ignored the urgent calls from citizens in Wakenaam and from the RDC of Region Three to address the doctor availability problem. Even as the availability of doctors, nurses and other service providers at the Wakenaam Hospital affect the delivery of public health, the availability of medicines has become a chronic problem. It is as if the Ministry of Public Health is in a mode of phasing out the Wakenaam District Hospital.Public health in Guyana has rapidly declined since May 2015. For most of that time, Ms Volda Lawrence, the People’s National Congress (PNC) Chairman, has been in charge of the Public Health Ministry. This lady, who vowed her only friends are “PNC-people” and that as the Chairman of the PNC and as a senior Minister in the APNU/AFC Cabinet her mandate is to find jobs “only for PNC-people”, failed to appreciate that public health must be for all people. She failed to recognise that when public health fails, it affects all Guyanese, including “PNC-people”. The next person who requires the use of a mortuary or an X-ray or medicines or doctors might well be one of these “PNC-people”. We never know the next person who needs the public health system.The rapid deterioration of the public health system is on display every single day, with newspaper, TV and radio news and public discourse stories highlighting the many struggles people endure as they try to access public health. A week ago, I had frantic calls from the Essequibo Island of Wakenaam about troubles at the district hospital there. This hospital, which should be a place where people go for their ailments, is now a place filled with its own ailments as described above.As Minister of Health, I worked diligently with our people, the public health staff and the Government to ensure we stopped the practice of iceboxes to preserve the bodies of our loved ones. We ensured that all our district hospitals were equipped to provide refrigerated storage of the bodies of deceased persons. But non-functioning mortuaries has become a malady of the public health system. There are occasionally reports that the mortuary of the GPHC, the premier hospital in Guyana, is down. There have been reports of other non-functioning mortuaries around the country. For many months now, the mortuary at New Amsterdam has been unavailable. Passing through Mahaicony two days ago, I was similarly told by residents that Mahaicony is not offering refrigerated mortuary service presently. At Fort Wellington, the refrigerated mortuary facility used is a private mortuary, paid for by the families of the deceased patients. It is heartbreaking that the public health sector adds further trauma and stress to people because they must worry about the preservation of the bodies of their deceased relatives.As this unnecessary stress intensifies within the public sector, the Minister herself has treated this important function of the public health sector as an orphan. In a recent trip to commission a repaired kitchen at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, a few feet away from the empty, unused, broken-down mortuary, she completely ignored that the hospital forces people to use private mortuary services, at a cost many of them cannot afford. Even as people outside picketed her, trying to draw her attention to the non-availability of mortuary services at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, she ignored any recognition that there is a problem.In the last week, Volda Lawrence, who still refuses to acknowledge the people fired her on December 21 and that she has been illegally squatting as the Minister of Public Health since March 21, has visited Regions Six, Five and Three. Ms Lawrence and her APNU/AFC colleagues have unfortunately been rejected by the people, having to speak to only people who were bussed-in and greeted with protesters everywhere. But even as they parade across these regions, brazenly funding their political campaign with taxpayers’ money, she totally ignores the many, many problems in a rapidly declining public health system. Ms Lawrence must take responsibility for a declining public health sector.Sincerely,Dr Leslie RamsammyFormer Health Ministerlast_img read more