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Leicester City’s Morgan will ‘give his best’ for Jamaica

first_imgLeicester City captain and Jamaica central defender, Wes Morgan, said he will be doing his best to replicate the successes he has been having at his English Premier League (EPL) team with the Reggae Boyz in their World Cup Qualifiers (WCQ).”International football is completely different. You meet up today and play a game a few days later. But with your club you play together week in week out and in terms of structure they are very organised. But it’s (WCQ) a challenge ahead of us and we have to do our best to win the games,” he told The Gleaner.”I always give my best and my all for the Jamaican team. I always want to make sure we qualify for the World Cup. But it’s going to take a group effort, it’s going to take everyone pulling together to try and win the games. If we do that there is no doubt we will come out with the victory and with the points.”We are going to try our best, that is all we can do. We know it will not be easy because Costa Rica is a very tough team, we have always had tough games against them, and they will want to do their best as well,” he continued.He believes that with the support of the 12th man (fans) victory, is much more attainable.”With the Jamaican people behind us and we (players) on top of our game and playing our best, we can come out with the win. We are in this together, we are all pulling in the same direction, which is to get to Russia World Cup, and it’s a long way to go. There will be ups and downs, but hopefully, there will be more ups and we can see through qualification,” he said.WINNING WAYSMeanwhile, the confident Leicester City defender believes things are shaping up nicely for his club to capture their first English Premier League (EPL) championship title and he has no doubt they can continue their winning ways.”We have always had that confidence and that belief, but sometimes you just need to get the breaks and I think this season everything has come together nicely. Some individuals are playing on top of their game and playing the best they have ever played, so it’s a combination of everything and the boys are full of confidence and just want to continue the good run,” he stated.- L. S.last_img read more

Calgary and Saint John mayors urge NEB to reverse Energy East pipeline

first_imgCALGARY – Mayors from both ends of the proposed Energy East pipeline are calling for the National Energy Board to reverse its requirement that upstream and downstream emissions be included in its review of the $15.7-billion conduit.Saint John Mayor Don Darling, who said he was in Calgary to attend a wedding, paired up with Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi at a joint news conference to voice their support for the project which they say will create jobs and prosperity across Canada.Project proponent TransCanada Corp. (TSX:TRP) of Calgary put its application on hold for 30 days earlier this month after the national agency said it would consider indirect greenhouse gas emissions in evaluating the proposed 4,500-kilometre oil pipeline from Hardisty, Alta., to Saint John, N.B.Darling said the ruling is unfair and amounts to changing the rules three years after the company started the process.Nenshi said the change was “madness” because upstream and downstream industries already have their own environmental processes.Environmental groups, however, support the NEB ruling which has also been backed by the federal government.last_img read more

Not Even Sam Hinkie Could Outsmart The NBA Draft

More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed Hot Takedown Welcome to the latest episode of Hot Takedown, FiveThirtyEight’s sports podcast. On this week’s show (April 12, 2016), we explore the pain of Jordan Spieth’s collapse in the final round of the 2016 Masters with Golf Digest’s Shane Ryan, we argue about Sam Hinkie’s legacy with the Philadelphia 76ers and ask whether his resignation is a referendum on tanking in the NBA, and we preview the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Plus, a significant digit on the Detroit Tigers fan who caught five foul balls at a home game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.Stream the episode by clicking the play button, or subscribe using one of the podcast clients we’ve linked to above. Links to what we discuss are here:ESPN’s Ian O’Connor says Jordan Spieth’s collapse was the most shocking in golf’s history.Neil Paine explains why Spieth’s choke also required a great comeback from Englishman Danny Willett.Here is Sam Hinkie’s 13-page letter to the Philadelphia 76ers’ investors.And here’s Albert Burneko of Deadspin telling us why Hinkie’s words are self-congratulatory and borderline incoherent.On the other side, 76ers’ blogger Andrew Unterberger says Hinkie gave Philly hope.The Washington Post’s Fancy Stats blog outlines the fatal flaws of this year’s NHL playoff teams.And Kevin Allen in USA Today says there are no favorites on the way to the Stanley Cup.Significant Digit: about 1 in 262 trillion. That’s the estimated likelihood of catching five foul balls at the home of the Detroit Tigers, Comerica Park — a feat achieved by Tigers’ fan Bill Dugan at a game on Monday. Embed Code If you’re a fan of our podcasts, be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts and leave a rating/review. That helps spread the word to other listeners. And get in touch by email, on Twitter or in the comments. Tell us what you think, send us hot takes to discuss and tell us why we’re wrong. read more

High Level Natl Security meeting in aftermath of Haitian sloop tragedy

first_img Nearly 30 Haitians caught following illegal landing in Nassau, says Defence Force Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, January 24, 2017 – The latest tragedy involving a Haitian sloop where as many as eight are now reported drowned after their boat capsized on Tuesday morning (January 24, 2017)has brought national security partners to the table and to the media.A press conference to address the nagging, expensive and sometimes deadly problems of border  control is called late today by TCIG in an effort to share with the General Public thoughts on this long standing issue.While reports to media last week by the new PDM Government are that spending is significantly down when it comes to repatriation; it is also known that interceptions are also down as boats have on far too many occasions now eluded the coastal radar detection and have made landfall.Many illegal Haitians who arrive on shore, the count is undetermined, are never captured despite significant investment in manpower hours for searches and rescues.The press conference will be held tomorrow January 25, 2017 at the Hilly Ewing Building which houses the Office of the Premier and will include the Governor, His Excellency Dr. John Freeman; the Premier Hon Sharlene Robinson and Deputy Premier Hon Sean Astwood and the Commissioner of Police, James Smith.(Photo from Office of Premier facebook page – opening of legal year 2017)#MagneticNewsMedia Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Bahamas Police Commissioner Greenslade gone to UK, appointed as High Commissioner Related Items:#MagneticNewsMedia TCI Premier blasts Opposition side for “slop” information, sets it straight in HOAlast_img read more

When Corporate Cultures Break They Cant Be Easily Fixed

first_imgIt doesn’t matter anymore who’s in charge. CEOs come and go, and always talk about how “thrilled they are to lead a company with strong assets and proven brands.” That’s called whistling into the wind, my friends. Job one should be fixing the culture. It’s scary that so few of these leaders recognize that, especially given the profoundly unsettled condition of the print-based media industry these days. Let me take you through some of the evidence. I’ve elected to use recent examples only from Cygnus, but it could easily be one of the others. A few weeks ago, the latest CEO, John French, announced a management restructuring. Three senior executives departed. The story, as all Cygnus stories do, generated an avalanche of comments. Consider these verbatim snippets:• “What goes around comes around. I agree about the Interactive and IT divisions. With few exceptions, they are a total disaster. Unprofessional, unskilled, mired in red tape and playing favorites. Zero help from these groups. Zero leadership, zero communication. Got what they deserve.”• “He [Edit note: I removed the person’s name.] was in over his head certainly and he knew it. He fell into the Idea of protecting his turf rather than working for everyone else. Although the team was mismanaged when he got it, he didn’t know how to restructure. His political tactics were designed to punish everyone else and he cut himself off from the world to avoid further exposure. For Cygnus, the mistake cost dearly in time and resources. Too bad it took so long.• “You are so on the money. The culture that [he] and others represents is one of mistrust. They literally came on board and said “we don’t trust you.” Everything they did said “we don’t trust you.” How can you build a team without trust? Theirs was a culture of intimidation! Yes, HR got behind this negative culture—and so did the sitting President! This culture was destined to fail.”Then, back a bit earlier this year, Cygnus filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Here is a bit of what some of what the commenters thought:• “The System Works? Wow, what a great system: A bunch of fools invest (throw away) tons of money buying b2b magazines, proceed to strip them bare, lay off as many editors and sales peoples as possible, eliminate middle management so that the magazines have no relationship to their industries, and then try and sell them off another bunch of losers. Then failing that, they declare bankruptcy. Wow, what a system. Glad it’s dying.” • “We’ll know when they emerge from this, if they are serious about their business: Get rid of the dead-weight management, bring actual talent back, re-establish the core values that have been lost some time ago, and do business based upon principals that leave room for integrity and ethics, as well as profits. The only thing that seems to be certain is this: If they leave the two clowns [a reference to the co-CEOs whom French replaced] in place, it will continue to be a circus, and we’ll sit in the cheap seats and listen to the drum rolls as they perform another high-wire act without a net.”• “Cygnus properties were third-tier when they bought PTN. They’re still third-tier unless they’ve re-defined the tiering system to add a fourth tier.”As part of the bankruptcy process, Cygnus released financial projections, which foresaw a 35-percent revenue decline in 2009, and which FOLIO: wrote about. The reaction:• “Hah! I love it. Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization…and RENT! How about EBITDARS—add salaries in there too! What, isn’t rent a REAL operating expense? Finally the air gets let out of this poor old balloon full of fourth-tier, under-funded, properties (that’s not to blame the hardworking staff that has been bled to death for years). So what is “interactive” revenue—oh, I remember, back in 1998 that’s what we called online revenue. I’d like to see Cygnus increase “interactive” revenues by TEN MILLION dollars next year as it is projected above – sure, no sweat. It’s dollars to dimes people and when we get right down to it the dimes are becoming pennies.”• “Cygnus’ tipping point was the moment the owners brought in [the former co-CEOs] to save the company. The two whiz-kids from out East “streamlined” Cygnus by firing a lot of experienced, talented, knowledgeable people, and then what did they do? They created countless high-paying upper management positions for each and every one of their little friends. Suddenly rank-and-file employees were inundated with orders and commands from people they had never heard of before, with jobs that never existed before, and it all went to crap. The mammoth effort to “go interactive” has been a textbook study in mismanagement. The CEOs really thought that replacing $5,000 print ads with $500 Web ads would save the company. A lot of good people have been screwed over, are being screwed over, and will be screwed over before the dust settles. Note to businesses everywhere: Never hire two CEOs who share one brain.”When Cygnus hired John French, the commenters—presumably the same people who beat up the former co-CEOs, went crazy. A few samples:• “Why don’t these old publishing houses start looking at younger more experienced, Web-oriented publishing professionals that are capable to pull a company like Cygnus out of the rut and into the future? Look at the people outside the inner circle for example? There a many highly qualified, forward looking, quick successful B2B publishers that can manage to the bottom line and create good morale which translates into success. Every time.” • “John French “left” Penton a year ago. Now, he returns, a savior, to Cygnus, using the same “skills,” to “stabilize” Cygnus? Wow.”• “The last we heard from John French, in B to B’s “Who’s Who,” July 14, 2008: “Earlier this year, when French saw that Penton would not hit its year-end revenue goal, he acted quickly to make some difficult and unpopular choices, including instituting salary and hiring freezes in April and eliminating 42 positions in June. In memos, he told staffers the moves would help position Penton for future growth.” B to B, three days later, said this: “Penton Media, one of those troubled B2B media companies, is seeing more upheaval: John French, the CEO, is resigning. He will continue to stay on Penton’s board and will work with Wasserstein and MidOcean, the two joint PE owners of the company, on new media opportunities.”• So, can we expect the same kind of behavior? Come in, lay off people, exit? Expect another wild ride at Cygnus.”In these difficult times, you need vision, adequate resources, and especially, motivated, talented people who support each other, believe in each other and their managers. At many traditional media companies, that’s gone. And so, those companies themselves might be gone too. The corporate culture at Cygnus Business Media is toxic. So, perhaps, is Advanstar’s. And Nielsen Business Media’s. The Prism part of Penton Media used to be.These places and many others have become nasty cauldrons of resentment. It gets expressed every time FOLIO: writes a story about them—expressed in the hundreds of comments from past and present employees. I’m not blaming the employees. The reasons for their unhappiness are obvious. These companies have been through too many cycles of change in ownership, changes in management, downsizings, layoffs, salary cuts, loss of talent, loss of spirit, loss of camaraderie.last_img read more

House Budget Resolution to Retain Higher Spending Caps

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR Republican members of the House Budget Committee have decided to stick with the higher spending caps afforded by last October’s two-year budget deal in the fiscal 2017 budget resolution they are drafting.To offset the $30 billion in additional discretionary spending passed by Congress last year, the panel’s budget resolution will include a variety of options for trimming the cost of mandatory spending programs, most likely by attaching reforms to entitlement programs in this year’s spending measures, reported CQ Roll Call.Many observers did not believe Chairman Tom Price (R-Ga.) would be able to unite Republicans on the Budget Committee behind a fiscal blueprint, as conservatives had insisted on ignoring the higher caps allowed by last year’s budget deal.The agreement already has prompted warnings from appropriators on both sides of the aisle, however. Relying on spending bills to cut $30 billion in mandatory spending could violate House rules and upset the appropriations process, according to the story.Jennifer Hing, spokeswoman for the House Appropriations Committee, pointed out that jurisdiction over mandatory spending — which covers programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — lies with the authorization committees.“Any deviations in these jurisdictions would require the House to circumnavigate its own budget process rules — which is a bad way to do business — and would cause major delays and additional hurdles to the House Republican goals of returning to regular order, restoring the power of the purse, and completing all 12 appropriations bills,” Hing said.The budget resolution has the backing of the conservatives on the Budget Committee, which could translate into support from the chamber’s Republican conference, according to the story.Despite reaching a deal on the budget framework, Price does not plan to mark up the document until next month. It remains unclear whether the Senate will attempt to pass a budget resolution this year.last_img read more

2020 Subaru Forester sees price increases across the board

first_img Subaru 2020 Subaru Forester makes a play as the value crossover SUVs Crossovers 2019 Subaru Ascent review 1 Tags Enlarge ImageA little more money, but there’s more to love about the functional crossover. Subaru For the 2020 model year, the Subaru Forester will be slightly more expensive. According to a release from Subaru on Thursday, buyers will find the base model is $200 more than the 2019 Forester.Out the door, the cheapest way to drive off in a 2020 Forester will be with a base model that costs $25,505, including destination. The actual MSRP rings in at $24,495, up $200 from the 2019 model. Destination charges have also increased from $975 to $1,010, according to Subaru’s announcement.As mentioned, buyers will get a little more standard equipment with the small price hike. Subaru’s suite of active safety equipment, EyeSight, is standard on all models for 2020. Now, it also includes lane centering and a lane-departure prevention in addition to precollision alert, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and steering intervention. Noting some brands still lock active safety equipment away in higher trims or charge extra for it, that’s a pretty nifty value in itself.The same 2.5-liter flat-4 engine provides hustle for the Forester and produces 182 horsepower and 176 pound-feet of torque. A CVT is the only transmission offered. All-wheel drive is, of course, standard. This is a Subaru after all. Other features Forester buyers will find in the base model include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability, Bluetooth and keyless entry.Prices also climb for the other Forester trims. The Premium model jumps $700 and rings in at $28,405 after the increased destination charge. Yet, there’s still value packed in. Rather than make it an option, Subaru now bundles the All-Weather Package as standard equipment. It comes with heated front seats, heated mirrors and a windshield deicer.Forester Sport models only see the $200 price jump and carry a $30,005 starting price after destination, while the Forester Limited and Touring models climb $300 to start at $32,105 and $35,605 after destination respectively.As buyers climb through the hierarchy of trims, they’ll find more niceties ranging from a leather-wrapped steering wheel to a power liftgate and additional active safety technology. Features such as automatic reverse emergency braking, blind-spot detection and more are optional on most trims.Look for the 2020 Forester at dealers, and most likely in colder climates, later this year. Review • 2019 Subaru Forester review: Smart camera tech watches the road and the driver Comment More From Roadshow Now playing: Watch this:center_img 2:49 More about 2019 Subaru Forester Share your voice Preview • 2019 Subaru Forester: Keep on keepin’ on 2020 Subaru Legacy first drive: It’s what’s inside that counts 2020 Subaru Outback first drive: Tech and trail mix 11 Photos 2019 Subaru Forester watches the road, keeps an eye on… Subarulast_img read more

Micromax Canvas A240 Rumours Will it Feature OctaCore Processor

first_imgIndia’s fast-emerging technology firm Micromax, which is still reeling in success following the launch of its new generation Canvas 4, has kicked up a whirlwind of rumours about another high-end smartphone in the offing.Reports about Micromax’s next offering, touted to be Canvas A240, surfaced after MMXNewscaster, a website focused on Micromax smartphones, on Saturday tweeted, “Next: Micromax Canvas A240. #StayTuned”. The website had stated on Twitter: “Micromax A240? #Imagine”.Though the latest report is regarded with uncertainty, the possibility of Micromax making such a move cannot be ruled out as the company is pulling out all the stops to reposition itself as India’s top smartphone maker. Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that leaked information about unreleased smartphones is either fake or incorrect.Latest reports suggest that Micromax may come up with a smartphone housing an octa-core processor this time. The newly-launched Canvas 4 was suspected to be a low-cost eight-core based smartphone, but Micromax failed in this regard. The rumoured Canvas A240 smartphone is expected to feature a 5-inch display powered by an MT6592 8-core processor which would be unveiled by the end of JulyTechnology website Gizchina reported: “Taiwan claim that Mediatek’s 8-core processor will arrive before the end of this month! The first batch of these new processors will be ready for manufacturers to begin development by the end of July, while Mediatek are preparing full-scale manufacture for November!”Micromax, the first player in the domestic market to release a budget priced quad-core smartphone, A116 Canvas HD, hopes to recreate history with the upcoming octa-core smartphone as well. Although not much has been said about the device, rumours suggest that it would make its debut around the same time as iPhone 6 launch in September.last_img read more

MPs see conspiracy behind declaring 16th Amendment illegal

first_imgMembers of both the treasury and opposition benches on Sunday expressed doubt whether there is any conspiracy behind declaring the 16th Amendment to the constitution illegal, reports news agency UNB.The MPs alleged that an attempt is on to create division between the judiciary and the government. They also hoped that the apex court will reconsider its judgment when the review petition is filed in this regard.They harshly criticised the Supreme Court (SC) verdict that upheld the High Court judgment declaring the 16th Amendment to the Constitution illegal.The MPs also came down heavily on amici curiae, including jurists Kamal Hossain and M Amir-ul Islam, appointed by the apex court, for placing ‘untrue statements’ before the court over the issue.Jasod MP Moin Uddin Khan Badal initiated the debate taking floor in the House chaired by speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury after the Maghrib recess.Commerce minister Tofail Ahmed, agriculture minister Matia Chowdhury, information minister Hasanul Haq Inu, civil aviation and tourism minister Rashed Khan Menon, Jatiya Party MP Ziauddin Ahmed (Bablu), Awami League MP Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim and professor Ali Ashraf, independent MP Rustum Ali Faraji and BNF MP SM Abul Kamal Azad joined the debate.Tofail Ahmed said people are sources of all power and this parliament is formed with their mandate. “The Cabinet is liable to parliament. We even can impeach the president, but can’t do so in the case of a particular area (judiciary).”Mentioning that the court had annulled the 5th amendment to the constitution, he questioned how the Supreme Judicial Council, which was introduced by military ruler Ziaur Rahman, can prevail.Tofail harshly criticised the amici curiae, saying they placed untrue statement before the court over the issue. “There is no single shred of truth in their statements,” he said mentioning the names of Dr Kamal Hossain and Barrister Amir-ul Islam.”We’ve no word to condemn those who advocated for scrapping the 16th Amendment. Their remarks don’t match with what they had said in 1972. They are now very opportunists,” he added.Terming the SC verdict ‘a premature judgment’, Inu said the court could have passed the verdict after enactment of a law for the removal of justices in line of the 16th Amendment.”The honorable court reviewed the 16th Amendment to the Constitution in motivated way,” he said.Inu hoped that the court will reconsider its judgment during the review, saying justices should be liable to Parliament like MPs and ministers.Menon said an attempt is on to create division between the judiciary and the government.Selim said the court itself violated the Constitution passing the judgment over the 16th Amendment to the Constitution.”The judgment will never be implemented if Parliament doesn’t implement it,” he added.He said the justices have no right to do politics, but they are making remarks in different programme beyond their limits.Bablu said the parliament had just restored the article 96 of the 1972 constitution. “Parliament can impeach the president but not the persons who are appointed by the president. Does it go logically? Please restore the article 96 in the constitution and respect the democracy,” he added.Badal said the court will have to prove how the 16th Amendment challenged the basic structures of the constitution.He also criticised the court for its ‘disrespectful remarks’ about MPs. “You hurled disrespectful words to the parliament.”On 3 July last, the Supreme Court (SC) passed the verdict upholding the High Court judgment that declared the 16th amendment to the Constitution illegal.last_img read more