Month: July 2017

New station how should you promote your website

as a new station, no IP, no PR, no ranking, new sites do a few days at most will be a few big search engine included, but no ranking. So what do you do? I read this article is in the money didn’t go down, if you have the money that you don’t have to continue to look down, because of the money, you can buy Links, buy advertising position, please help your website to do SEO, or even to do for advertising.

these days I wondered how to promote my station, because my station is the beginning of a studio template, not how to update the template, later changed to download station, because before Baidu update later to also not hard-working, many days later still was only included 13 articles, but GOOGLE have my station are included almost, but with GOOGLE’s less than Baidu. What I do now is to update every day, silently waiting to be included in Baidu normal. These days have passed, but I can’t wait, I don’t have the Baidu station development, I have to find another way. read more

The five elements of website and the five taboos of promotion

Most of the first things

does is consider search engines, and then consider site planning and design. Even said that the search engine is the value of your platform, if your website content, structure, procedure, column, classification, site name all do the one and only, then you enter the market have been successful in half.

1, website location:

first of all, how to plan, how to do, what functions, what can be achieved, what would like to make the station?. To reasonable allocation of their time, maintenance, operation, friendship links. Capital investment, technology, server resources should be straightened out. Want to be more specific, do unique, content is unique. Like the station. read more

Webmaster construction industry website growth notes two

Preface: in August 2nd, I did a summary of the stage. Since there are few narrative articles, the last one is written in a mess, and it is estimated that few people except the relevant person can understand it. Since the growth of a written note, there is no way to continue, want to go on the road, especially the site construction industry to help some friends.

in the construction industry webmaster growth notes, I mainly introduced myself from the University began to determine the target. It took about two years to reach the two stage goal, and changed the three screen name, as well as the psychological activity since that time. This article will mainly introduce my experience and experience of establishing the construction industry network since I resigned from Dalian. read more

Take time for search engine is not included or included reducing the situation

hair are often collected too much, we met a serious foul, usually more is no longer included, or included reduced, encountered such a situation is really simple, is the most important day continuously updated several original.

follows an analysis of several different periods:

experience 1: initial link building

1. new sites do, find 3~5 friends exchange links, as long as 3~5 enough.

2. do not pay attention to each other’s PR and correlation, as long as the other side often updated, did not cheat, included good, you can. read more

Why is the foreign trade electricity supplier stuffy sound big money business


had been widely reported by the media in 2010, the foreign trade supplier, but then one or two years in the quiet muffled sound of money. Many outsiders do not even know how foreign trade providers in the end, and those big money companies are reluctant to be exposed to this blue ocean.

foreign trade electricity supplier profits, many people can not imagine, a few dollars of the cost of things can be sold over ten dollars in the United states. In the early trading of foreign trade, a cost of one hundred yuan of things can be sold to more than 100 U. s.dollars, or even more. read more

Talking about Google sandbox and dropping power

, SEO, Google sandbox and drop rights

SEO cheats all kinds of ways, and GOOGLE punishment site in a variety of ways. For example, there are many friends who don’t know much about SEO and wonder whether the site is in the GOOGLE sandbox or punished by GOOGLE.

because, GOOGLE sandbox and drop power of these two algorithms, more or less somewhat similar, are unable to find rankings or rankings and back. However, the two algorithms are only a penalty method for GOOGLE, and sandbox is not a penalty for GOOGLE. read more

How does the stationmaster protect his original content

network transmission is the quickest way to share out the hope to bring help to others, and I hope you can find like-minded owners to communicate the development of search engine changes can be seen in the search engine is very love original content, so many owners began the road for the website editor is to give your site added quality content. The natural quality content many people reproduced, reproduced the original we do is a must, but many of them have a large number of people, we will write out the head and tail of the webmaster hard to change, make your own web site claimed that the original site, but there are still many pseudo original, enthusiasm seriously against the original author. Fantasy SEO also encountered these problems, Rhapsody before SEO wrote a plan to do before the site will be reproduced, but did not indicate the source. The title was changed, the source address is deleted, and claimed that the original, more angry is playing the title even in Baidu and GOOLE before three pages to find their own website. read more

From Baidu included new sites talk about the pragmatic spirit of the station

I’ve been in touch with the website for five years, but now I really have a website of my own. Since I was a sophomore, I have been fascinated by website production, so I learned the techniques of making websites by myself during the period of effectiveness. From the front desk design to the program, I study myself. I set up technology is considered, after graduation want to operate a website, usually I also often webmaster network learning website management skills. It has been two years since the idea of a web site was built on my first site (hip-hop online: Only for so long is it because I "want to do more, do less, lack of practical spirit", which is a mistake for many beginners. Below I want to pass my new station by Baidu collection experience to talk about "pragmatic" importance. read more

How do you get your blog to bring traffic to your site


in the optimization of the time often have such a goal, IP can achieve much, so we started doing some of the chain through the blog, hope to be able to increase the weight of the site, improve the site keywords ranking, in fact, our blog can also bring to our website traffic, it is required to do


wants to let the blog bring traffic to the site is that you need to establish the correlation between blog and website content, but also to optimize your blog, improve the popularity of the blog, so that it can give site bring good traffic. read more

can’t detect the gold on the nternet

recently met two friends, decided to quit from the Internet industry, and transferred to the traditional industry, I feel very pity. As a matter of fact, I am now engaged in the third pioneering undertaking. I feel very difficult due to the great economic environment this year. This period of time, often with friends to explore the network industry, looking for the current predicament of the crack method. Now let’s talk about the reality of my two friends and talk about the key to the problem. read more

Baidu library combines QQ group marketing hundreds of thousands of months is not a dream

before, through the Baidu library and QQ group combination, do some network marketing work, some achievements, feeling is still very effective, here to share with you. First of all, different industries have different characteristics, such as I am in the lubricating oil industry, usually recruit agents, rather than do retail, customers in the fine not many, a customer minimum, the first purchase also has about 80 thousand yuan. It can be said that a month to do 3,5 customers, you can bring great benefits to the enterprise. In my industry, after maintaining a customer, can generally become "lifelong customer", so mining effective customer information is the key. If you are in the industry and I am in a similar position, you can refer to this article, do some Baidu library marketing work, try, if done, certainly effective. For the promotion of Baidu library, many predecessors have said many times, here to talk about my view. read more

Do you hype websites

website speculation is a double-edged sword, with a good article for students can play a role, it may be announced the closure of the site with the bad, so we must use this trick.

website before speculation, the first to prepare for speculation of capital, first of all, to make their own web site to a certain scale, there are connotations. There is no dead link, server stability, and is there enough room to support the browser?.

followed by the most important part of preparing for the hype.

: and a famous relationship is to see who the most red, whose web site is the most red, you can pull the relationship with him, if others are praise him, you criticize him, if others are criticizing him, you praise him, in a word, can cause the topic of speculation with people of different things. read more

How to let users find a sense of belonging in the community website

The development of

community websites often requires stable loyal users. If community users find a sense of belonging on the site, then the likelihood that these members will become loyal users is likely to increase. And the sense of belonging is simply not available on the web, providing only basic functionality. It often takes some details of operations to be realized. Moved to tell you how to realize in detail the user’s sense of belonging to the site.

1. community associated with QQ group read more

How do you make CPS more effective 1

How does

make CPS more effective (1)

has done League, has been a period of time, see many webmaster do CPS successful example, I hope to share with you in here I do CPS view,

takes’s "Sasa cosmetics ad" as an example. Simply advertising Banner is unlikely to bring you much advertising revenue. You need to make sure you’re doing CPS instead of CPM or CPC…

CPS to do a good job, the first point is that shopping guides do a good job, the following is a good example: read more

Baidu from the afternoon to start a wide range of updates see

last contributed to the site three days included not audited, I do not know why, AD may be too serious. Oh, my literary grace is not good, so I can not write the soft text. After May 1st, a lot of friends stand back to the snapshot of No. 20, No. 21, No. 22 and No. 27 up for several days not updated snapshot, included the inside pages is very slow.

many webmaster said that 51 did not take care of, also have a lot of friends said during the holiday has been constantly updated, so what have said, but we should keep in mind that the Internet is changing, you can follow it on the pace of it, we should make flexible use of the morning, update, station, promotion. Take a look at the old station, the snapshot did not change, or 22 just do the station, domain name is not included, in other old stations and new sites. read more

f you want to drive a straight through train you must avoid making these low level mistakes

train is a very precise promotion tool is extremely rely on many large and medium-sized sellers, but the train burn is the consensus of many people, if not ready, it will become cannon fodder, the stepping stone of others, even spent a lot of money, the shop is still very low conversion rate. If you make good use of it, you can get a good click rate at a very low price, bring a lot of traffic into the shop and get more orders. But the through train is a systematic tool. It is not profitable to play simply. Therefore, a good mind is the key factor to do the through train. And for some novice, when doing the through train, often prone to error in several cases. read more

Analysis of several management risks and Countermeasures of group buying website

local group has continued to have a few months, and many grassroots suffered the same customers, businesses of every hue, and during the agglomeration, excellence group owners often communicate with management, learn from each experience, summed up a few easy to produce business problems, now sorted out, and the same is the grassroots webmaster share share:

, how to do in the event of bad businesses, and several stations jointly promote the products, we met once, group purchase products made to order goods to the merchant, immediately face, hike (of course, can also be understood, perhaps we bargain too violent, business profits are too low, for this) the merchant, we absolutely do not give, rather than immediately to reason and giving the customer refund refund, also do not give the business commission increase network conditions, the most attention is the credibility of two words, for such businesses, even if the turnover of its products and customer service service is hidden! We are doing now is: one is to retain and businesses negotiation chats, two business cooperation must provide a business license and accessories, the three is to know and understand the Groupon e-commerce mode is greater than the significance of manufacturers and sales promotion For, so that you can get the largest discount is four, must adhere to the principle of cash on delivery, we generally use Alipay secured transactions. The five is a caution cosmetics group, the products are generally we require businesses to support the inspection counter, six is a small household appliance relates to customer service service, if you do not provide sales customer service address, not cheaper to do. read more

Centripetal force curve role of revolution of the website operation backfire

website, an old topic, but on some website operators a novice webmaster, not only to learn marketing knowledge, but also to learn the SEO system technology, regardless of which one level are not in this era of scarce resources and skills will be.

yes, we understand the knowledge, technology, thinking, strategy, key occupied by each cannot do without our hearts in the invisible centripetal force.

yes, many people do not know anything about this kind of thing. The inner guiding force is to determine our operating costs and harvest happiness through our mind. Is there anything magical about this invisible line, read more

France webmaster experience user experience is king

,, Merci, beaucoup.

I am a student is studying in France. Here I extend my thanks to the French behind. I study French stationmaster net has been half a year. The first week just to learn French, I accidentally came to the station network. Here I found, that there is such a freedom of occupation, personal webmaster from that day I have to do have a strong interest in.

well, not me. 1 months later I have to fly to France. Before I go, I want to put my half a year to create a web site experience tells everyone to. read more

Ancient Wei nine WeChat article title let readers crazy forwarding proposition rule

many friends in my WeChat asked me, see some articles can be realized in the circle of friends crazy forwarding, how is it done?. Today, I integrate my friends’ various questions, and here we can decrypt the WeChat copywriting headlines for readers to forward crazily.

friends should know that writing a good WeChat article is the most important part of having a good title. A good title is often affecting your copy whether it can attract people, it is not easy to be remembered, your dissemination of soft Wen can be widely circulated? read more